Tessolve Digitizes the Complete Operations for Kaapi Machines

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We are pleased to announce that the Tessolve Embedded team has Collaborated with Kaapi machines in successfully enabling IOT integration of a commercial coffee vending machine.

The scope of the digitization includes secured contactless coffee dispensing; machine onboarding; beverage management; user management and analytics on consumption.

This solution impacts the full ecosystem: end-users have the safety of contactless dispensing; improved cost management and analytics and efficient management of machines for Kaapi.

Tessolve has created an easy-to-use mobile application for end-users, a desktop application for facility managers and suppliers, and an application for installation and machine onboarding. This is completely digitized and integrated with Tessolve’s IoT framework and customized business logic layer for Kaapi

Tessolve digitization offers a ready-to-use IoT framework comprising connectivity, devices, data, dashboard, and AI which can help in quickly digitizing your business for operational excellence through automation.

For more information please contact:

Satyam Trivedi
Director Engineering IoT Embedded Systems
Tel: + 91 80 66995800
Mobile: 9739536984

Analog Devices Inc. Recognizes Tessolve At Supplier Day Awards 2020

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2020 adds another milestone to Tessolve’s journey with the recognition as the Best in Service and Responsiveness Emerging Supplier Award, supported by its competent engineering team. The accolade was announced at the second edition of the Analog Devices Supplier Day Awards 2020, celebrating the commitments and exemplary performances of ADI partners in established, emerging, and niche categories.

Tessolve was recognized for its outstanding support and contribution to ADI’s success during the past year and bagged the award under the ‘Best in Service and Responsiveness for Emerging as a Niche Supplier’ criteria.

To know more about this prestigious recognition, follow the comments of Steve Lattari, Senior Vice President, ADI Global Operations and Technology, announcing Tessolve as the winner.

Tessolve Joins The STMicroelectronics Partner Program As An Engineering Solution Partner

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Tessolve has forged another significant partnership leveraging its advanced engineering capabilities and end-to-end product design services in the embedded domain. Recently, we were recognized as an Engineering Solution Partner by STMicroelectronics – a leading semiconductor manufacturer delivering energy-efficient products.

Joining the robust partner program of STMicroelectronics, Tessolve is now listed as a partner and has been featured on its dedicated partner page. The company is poised to provide Hardware/Software/System services and solutions (based on processors, mems, sensors, applications, etc.), furthering the capabilities of original equipment design, manufacturing, and qualification.

Our Founding Members Embark Into New Journeys At Tessolve

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Tessolve steps into a new era as senior leaders begin their elevated journeys, guiding the now and the next steps of the company. We’re proud to announce that our Co-founder and President, Mr. Srinivas Chinamilli, has stepped into the role of Chief Executive Officer (CEO), since October 1st. This allows us to congratulate and celebrate the new journey of Mr. P. Rajamanickam, as he takes over Tessolve as Executive Vice Chairman.
The official announcement of these transitions was made by Tessolve’s parent group – Hero Electronix, early this week. To follow the update and the complete Press Release,


CoE Under The Spotlight System Level Test (SLT) for Volume

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Tessolve is the market leader in providing engineering solutions for silicon and systems development. Tessolve has taken a further step to establish Centres of Excellence (COE) in the various areas of Test Engineering, VLSI Analog, VLSI Digital, Embedded Systems, Special Projects, and PCB for large scale adoption of newer technologies and innovations. We have been thinking ahead to establish and empower COE, invest in future competencies to leapfrog the competition, identify solutions for complex business problems and develop new areas for growth. This differentiates Tessolve with the other companies that are focused on the narrow offerings.

System Level Test (SLT) for Volume – SLT for Volume is one of the COE that Tessolve had taken in the Test Business Unit (BU). With the help of our deep experience in Chip level Volume test and Systems Level Validation across various type of market segment ( Consumer, Medical, Automotive, Avionics) and Various type of Devices (Digital, PMIC, Mixed-Signal, RF, and SOC) Tessolve had developed a Proof of Concept for a complex IMX6 Processor SLT that can run Use Case Test on a volume using a commercial Handler. This initiative involves cross BU collaboration which includes Test BU, Embedded BU, PCB/ Hardware Engineering & Mechanical engineering teams.

Examples of Solutions Developed by Tessolve for System Level Test for Volume.

Stay tuned for more updates and videos on SLT!