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Embedded Software

Application support for embedded design & development

Software Capabilities

UI/UX to DevOps – converged multiple areas of expertise


Industries are working hard to make the solutions User friendly. They are making a lot of investment in making User Interface and User Experience simple and intuitive. A typical use case is websites, productivity tools and applications, embedded solutions, etc.

AI/ML, Data Scientist, Data Analytics

  • Rapid growth in the technology has made it possible to use machines for complex decision making. The capability of machines to think and make decision logically is called Artificial Intelligence. Machine Learning is an application of AI that make machine more accurate in predicting the outcome.
  • Data scientist, Data analyst: Data scientist is all about creating new models and using deep learning to reduce human work and error.


Automation is in almost all the sectors of high demand, starting from automating of downloading thousands of images from internet efficiently to google search automation. Now it has a huge necessity. Languages such as Python, Java, Perl are used for automation to reduce the human validation effort.


DevOps outlines a software development process that speeds the delivery of higher quality software by automating and integrating the efforts of development and IT operations. The process of software development methodologies, focus on making smaller, more frequent updates to the code base. In which CI/CD is most used.

From The Experts’ Eye

Staying on the cutting edge of embedded technologies

Follow our leaders as they map our embedded business service offerings for different market segments and how we stay ahead in the curve of embedded software expertise.

Softwares To Bring An Edge In Embedded Design

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