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Tessolve, your AI Partner to
realize The Intelligence of
Things smarter

Transform your connected products
into intelligent Solutions.


The powerful combination of Tessolve as an AI Integrator and IoT + cloud offerings enable Tessolve to support customers from various industries such as avionics, automotive, industrial, and medical markets to build more intelligent solutions from their data. Our EdgeAI solution is the brain behind the  IoT offerings to create new smart products and solutions or enhance existing products & services. Please find below the details of our AI Integrator and IoT offerings.

ai solution

AI Integrator :

  • Dataset creation
  • Neural Network training and verification
  • Porting on right platform: MCU, MPU, SoC with GPU
  • AI subsystem integration on product level
ai solution overview

IoT and Cloud Offerings :

  • Connected sensors and gateway
  • Wireless best suited solutions
  • Local or Cloud solutions
  • Multiple UI offer: web UI, Android or IOS app

AI & Tessolve – Your Partner in Innovation!

AI as a technology, is bringing new possibilities and functions to your products like Predictive Maintenance, Automatic decisions, Automatic event management, Improving the human-machine experience with better ergonomics, Accelerating Digitization, And many more!


Tessolve : Your partner to accelerate AI technologies in your company

  • EdgeAI: Making AI on the edge (close to the sensor to make it smarter)
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP) and cloud-based solutions
  • Advanced Computer Vision: deep AOI, augmented reality, machine vision
Hardware 2

One Stop Shop Integrator in AI

  • From neural network training up to right platform selection for your application, Tessolve can advise you in each step of your idea
  • From Specification to your final product, Tessolve can support you in each step of your program

End-to-End Engagement from Idea to Product – for AI Solution Development

End To End Engagement From Idea To Product – For AI Solution Development

Tessolve AI Use Cases

Tessolve is providing the advanced hardware and software capabilities, and the multi-standard connectivity required in the end-to-end IoT business solutions such as predictive maintenance for Industry 4.0, smart metering, enhanced vision systems & consumer products, asset management, etc.

Tessolve reduces the complexity and accelerates IoT systems deployment to liberate data from sensors to the cloud where it can be monetized through new business models that bring the following benefits.

  • HAR: Human Activity Recognition (HAR)
  • ASC: Audio Scene Classification
  • OCR: Optical Character Recognition
  • OR: Object Recognition
  • VUI: Voice User Interface (Offline)
  • FR: Face Recognition
  • PM: Predictive Maintenance
  • FR: Face Recognition & Authentication
  • Smart Camera (scene & motion det, behave det, access control)
  • NLP: Natural Language Processing (Online)
  • Industrial Robot Management
  • Deep Visual inspection in production
Core Values Of Tessolve Icn 01

Enhanced customer experience

test check

Improved data quality

Tessolve Packaging Solutions Icn 02

Expanded working efficiency and productivity



Cost Reduction

Cost Reductions

Why Choose Tessolve


Complete System Provider

  • Based on Tessolve ecosystem (Neural Network(NN), Wireless, cloud Partner)
  • From AI Neural Network(NN) to Cloud based solution (including HW)
VLSI Design Capability

Semiconductor Partnership (STM, MTK, NXP)

  • Key point to enable chipset which are more and more complex
  • Getting direct support to enable specific and optimized solutions

Multiple Platforms to propose Customer best options

  • MCU / MPU based with feature & performance versus cost
VLSI Design Capability

Proven experience in POC to Product industrialisation, certification & Production

  • Dedicated Process and Methodology from design to production
  • Highly experimented on Design Non-recurring engineering (NRE) and unit price estimation to fit your business plan
  • Solutions based on IP and reuse for effort & risk reduction and planning optimization

Customer Demo Platforms

End-to-end Design In Embedded Domain - Providing An Edge

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