Tessolve, your AI Partner to
realize the “Intelligence of Things”

Transform your connected products

into intelligent solutions

The powerful combination of Tessolve as an AI Integrator and IoT offerings enables Tessolve to support customers from various industries such as avionics, automotive, industrial, and medical markets to build more intelligent solutions from their data. Our EdgeAI solution is the brain behind the IoT offerings to create new smart products and solutions or enhance existing products & services. Please find below the details of our AI Integrator and IoT offerings

AI Integrator:

  • On System architecture, selecting the right MCU or MPU solution compatible with the AI framework
  • Neural Network for machine learning and AI algorithm
  • Hardware and Software as the complete solution provider
IoT Offerings:

  • Connected sensors and gateway
  • Multiple connectivity solutions from the local network to the cloud

Tessolve is providing the advanced hardware and software capabilities, and the multi-standard connectivity required in the end-to-end IoT business solutions such as predictive maintenance for Industry 4.0, smart metering, enhanced vision systems & consumer products, asset management, etc.
Tessolve reduces the complexity and accelerates IoT systems deployment to liberate data from sensors to the cloud where it can be monetized through new business models that bring the following benefits.

Enhanced customer experience

Improved data quality

Expanded working efficiency and productivity


Cost Reductions

Case Studies