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Post Silicon

Ensuring functional capability of designed ICs

Post Silicon Capabilities

Spotlight On Design Validation

Progressive in post-silicon design footsteps

Realizing first-pass semiconductor design is only half of meeting client expectations. Ensuring all post-silicon checklists are met such as design verification, post-silicon validation, and simulation checks becomes key to delivering reliable designs. The team at Tessolve is adept, at providing end-to-end solutions for thorough validation and debugging.

Explore Post Silicon

End to end solution for Silicon Debug/Post Silicon Validation

Explore Post Silicon

From Tape out till Production Release

Explore Post Silicon

Sustaining support till end of Life of the Product

What We Do Best

Thorough debugging throughout the post-silicon lifecycle

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What’s Different?

Robust and proven test engineering ecosystem

Foundation Of Robust Info
foundation of robust test & product engineering

The Extra Mile…

Other factors catapulting post-silicon abilities

Hardware Capabilities

  • Load board, Probe card, System/Application boards, and qualification boards
  • Simulations team with SI/PI and Thermal capabilities
  • Experience with 60+ layers of PCB design
  • Multisite (max. 32) Probe cards and Load boards
  • DFM knowledge for the finest pitch of 0.15mm

Device & Process Nodes

  • Device Expertise –
    Complex SOCs (Multicore, High-power, High-speed interfaces, multi-die packages), Mixed Signal, High precision Analog, PIMIC, and RF (including mm-wave)
  • Process Nodes –
    5nm, 7nm, 10nm, 16nm, up to 0.5um

Infra & Training

Inhouse infra and partnerships –

  • State of the art Test and Qualification labs in Bangalore, Malaysia, Singapore, San Jose & Austin
  • Good partnerships with OEMs like Advantest, Teradyne, NI, Chroma, Spea, Keysight
  • Good partnerships with OSATS Taiwan, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines and Singapore

In-house Training:

  • State of the art Training Centre for Test Engineering, Government partnerships with OEM & OSATS to develop local talent.


  • No. of Test and Product Engineers: ~950+
  • Over 990+ Test programs released for high-volume production
  • No. of Board designers: ~225+

ATE Exposure

  • Teradyne: Uflex / MicroFlex/ Iflex/ Eagle – ETS-364, ETS-88, ETS-800
  • J750/ Catalyst /Tiger
  • Advantest V93000 SoC, T6575/T6373/T6752/T2000
  • National Instruments: NI STS, STS-Tx
  • Focused Test FTI 1000: Power Discrete
  • TESSPOD: 28XX series
  • LTXCredance: Sapphire, LTX MX, LTX-C, LTX-Fusion, ASL-1K, ASL-3K
  • Others: VLCT, MCT_PCMCT_2K, SPEA, A575, SZ, ATS, Quartet, DUO

Expertise – Under The Scanner

We have expertise of 40+ tester platforms. Here is the list of Tessolve’s In-house available tester platforms.

Sr.NoEquipmentMakeTessolve Location
1Advantest 93k_STH - SSTesterBangalore
2Advantest 93k_LTH- PSTesterBangalore
3Advantest 93k_CTH(PACs) - SSTesterBangalore
4Advantest 93k # 1 TesterSan Jose
5Advantest Exascale TesterAustin
6Advantest 93k # 1TesterAustin
7Chroma 3160CHandlerSan Jose
8Chroma 3180HandlerSan Jose
9ETS-364 -01 / WIN 7TesterBangalore
10ETS-364 -01 / XPTesterBangalore
11ETS 364 -02TesterBangalore
12Eagle ETS 364 # 1TesterSan Jose
13Eagle ETS 364 # 2TesterSan Jose
14J750 # 1TesterSingapore
15J750 # 2TesterSingapore
16JHT handlerHandlerSingapore
17MAX TC # 01Accessory EquipmentBangalore
18MAX TC # 02Accessory EquipmentBangalore
19NI Tester #1 ANAFOCUSTesterBangalore
20OPUS3 Prober ProberBangalore
21Semic Opus ProberProberSingapore
22Semic Opus ProberProberSan Jose
23Seiko Epson NS8040HandlerSan Jose
24Thermostream # 01 Accessory EquipmentBangalore
25Thermostream # 02Accessory EquipmentBangalore
26ThermostreamAccessory EquipmentPenang
27ThermostreamAccessory EquipmentSan Jose
28ThermostreamAccessory EquipmentAustin
29UFLEX TesterPenang

Get To Know More

Dive into details of post-silicon capabilities

Test Engineering

Testing is critical. As engineers push the limits of design, tests, and hardware have to continuously innovate to keep up. Tessolve’s solution allows a seamless transition from development to production and beyond.

Product Engineering

A Product Engineer is critical to managing the lifecycle of a product. We provide leading semiconductor companies with advanced product engineering solutions – right from R&D to a successful roll-out till the end of product life.

Let’s Ensure The Design Resilience Of Designed ICs

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