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Test Engineering

Let’s Ensure The Design Resilience Of Designed ICs

Optimized Test Programs

With a talented pool of testing experts on the go

Validating output at each stage – from engineering to the final productization is crucial as engineers push the limits of semiconductor and systems design. Testing and validation practices need to keep pace with the innovations and new design parameters and expectations being set. Our experts are competent in developing test solutions and simulation programs from scratch, supported with both – probing and final testing of the design. Domain expertise is only one part of Tessolve’s differentiators. Robust testing infrastructure – testing labs across multiple locations, the latest test beds, and device characterization puts us ahead of the curve in semiconductor test engineering.

Spotlight On Competence

Infrastructure, SMEs, optimized processes


Test Solution for seamless transition from development to production and beyond.


Test Time Reduction, Yield Optimization, Platform conversions for new product designs as well as optimization of existing products.


First-in-class setup for test development – whatever the device, whatever the complexity, whatever the platform.


Focus areas include : Hi-end computing | Automotive | Power | 5G & RF | IOT (WLAN & Bluetooth) | Silicon Photonics

More On Test Engineering

Snapshot of our test-infra setup

Expert team of Test and
Product engineers
Test programs released
And more ATE platform expertise and Custom solutions
Up to 30% Decrease in project cycle time

Furthering Our Testing Capability

A multitude of devices and practical testing know-how

Being in the semiconductor industry for almost two decades has enabled us to work on a varied type of test engineering solutions and services. From simple to complex to customized hardware and applications, we have been exposed to a multitude of devices. This has allowed us to develop deep knowledge as well as hands-on and diverse practical testing experiences.


Speed & Pin count, High Speed FPGAs & SoC FPGAs, High Performance 32 Bit Digital Signal Processors, Microprocessors, Microcontrollers, High speed Logic Ics & ASICs

Analog Power & Automotive ASICs

Analog – Front End (AFE) Modules, High Speed Opamps, Precision Differential Amplifiers, Switches-Analog/Audio/Video/MIPI

Mixed Signal

ADC – 16 Bit, 24 Bit & DAC, Power Architecture® Processors, PLL , Multi-Channel 24-Bit Sigma Delta ADCs


5G/BT/WLAN/RADAR/Mobile Transceivers, Beam Formers, RF/mm_Wave Antenna Switches, Integrated Low Noise Amplifiers & Power Amplifiers


Ultra High-Speed Line Scan Image Sensors, Area Scan Image Sensors, MEMS – Motion Sensor, Automotive Grade Sensors 

A Dedicated Infrastructure

State-of-the-art labs and custom test cells

Within our robust and established testing infrastructure, our custom-built test cell is the apex of specialized testing services, highly customizable as per the requirement. Our varied setups ranging from CMOS Image Sensors to Rack & Stack setups help in the process of providing quality and effective testing service. By developing a customized test cell we are able to decrease test cost while maintaining test capability. We do this through building capability to either a rack and stack solution or a low-cost tester.

Tessolve Labs At A Glance

Specialized testing services and test floor

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Test Engineering Capabilities

Our solutions allow a seamless transition from development to production and beyond. Explore our Test Engineering Expertise in detail.

Let's Qualify The Integrity Of Your Product For Faster Releases

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