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Testing is critical. As engineers push the limits of design, test and hardware have to continuously innovate to keep up. Tessolve’s solution allows a seamless transition from development to production and beyond. This involves New Product Introductions as well as optimization of existing products, which includes Test Time Reduction, Yield Optimization, Platform conversions, and Multisite Test solutions. Tessolve prides itself on being first in class for test development. Whatever the device, whatever the complexity, whatever the platform we are confident that we can deliver an optimized test program.

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Test programs released

up to 30%

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Industry Excellence

Our testing expertise in the industry multiverse

Technology has permeated every industry and as such testing of silicon and semiconductor technology has become not just a process but a necessity. Tessolve has had the opportunity of partnering with customers across a multitude of industries.



Consumer Electronics




Device Expertise

Ingenuity bolstering test engineering tenacity

Being in the semiconductor industry for a decade and a half has enabled us to work on a varied type of test engineering solutions and services. From simple to complex to customized hardware and applications, we have been exposed to a multitude of devices. This has allowed us to develop deep knowledge as well as hands-on practical experience.


High Speed FPGAs & SoCFPGAs, 16-Bit /32 Bit Microcontrollers, High speed Logic ICs, Clock generation and distribution ICs.


Analog Front End (AFE) Modules, High Speed Opamps, Precision Differential Amplifiers, Current Shunt Monitors, Switches-Analog/Audio/Video/MIPI, Signal Translators, PLL, VCO, Power Management ICs (PMIC), LDO, Regulators, DC-DC Convertors, MOSFET Gate Drivers.

Mixed Signal

High Performance 32 Bit Digital Signal Processors, Power Architecture® Processors, Data Convertors ICs (High Speed, Precision, Audio, Video ADC/DACs), Multi-Channel 24-Bit Sigma Delta ADCs.


RF Transceiver, RF Mobile Transceivers, Integrated RF Multi-band, Multi-standard receiver, RF Antenna Switches, RF Buffer ICs, UHF ASK/FSK Receiver ICs, Ethernet PHY transceivers, GPS Baseband Processors, WIFI MODEM SOC’s, Packet Processor SOC with SERDES.


Ultra High Speed Line Scan Image Sensors, Area Scan Image Sensors, MEMS – Motion Sensor, Automotive Grade Sensors (Mass Air Flow, Air Pressure, Temperature), Yaw Rate Application Specific Sensor Devices.

Time In Market

First to Market

Schedule is the number one target for our customers. In this competitive world, products need to get to market first to ensure success. Tessolve enables customers a faster time-to-market through deep domain expertise in Analog, Digital, Mixed Signal, and RF, broad ATE platform experience and built-in infrastructure including a test floor, characterization, reliability lab and PCB FAB. Tessolve allows customers to leverage high-end engineering in a cost-effective model by being able to scale teams to meet exact customer needs.

The Tessolve Custom Cell

Specialized testing unit customized to every detail

Within our robust and established testing infrastructure, our custom built test cell is the apex of specialized testing services, highly customizable as per the requirement. Our varied setups ranging from CMOS Image Sensors to Rack & Stack setup helps in the process of providing quality and effective testing service. By developing a customized test cell we are able to decrease test cost while maintaining test capability. We do this through building capability to either a rack and stack solution or a low cost tester.

Our Testing Infrastructure

ATE & Systems Test Floor

FA & Reliability Lab

Characterization Labs

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