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Product Engineering

Versatility meets competency

A Product Engineer is critical to managing the lifecycle of a product. We provide leading semiconductor companies with advanced product engineering solutions – right from the R&D to a successful roll-out till the end of product life. There is data in every part of the chip development cycle and we leverage all that data to optimize yields, costs and time. As part of our product engineering team, we can develop and execute reliability test plans based on application standards.

Engineering Overview

Enhancing product – from design to production

Areas We Support

Superior engagement across multiple fields

Maverick Product Elimination/Line Excursion Issue Analysis

OSAT: KPI Monitoring & Management

Lot Dispositions/Yield Analysis

Failure Analysis Customer Return / Test Program Issues Fix

Supply Chain Management

Reliability Qualification

Team’s Capability

Reliability and Qualification testing

Qualification plan (AECQ100 & JEDEC Std)

  • HTOL
  • HAST
  • ESD and LU
  • TC