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Application gateway for data to real-time predictions

What’s TERA For?

Transforming data into real-time predictions at scale

Tessolve introduces a compact, high-performance application gateway based on S32G274A SMARC SoM targeted for vehicle networking and industrial applications. This box connects to sensor data over a can and transfers to the cloud over a wireless interface offering rich I/O interfaces and computes capabilities.

Outlining The Features

Application gateway with multiple network interfaces

– Multiple network interfaces, featuring,
= 6x CAN/CAN FD, 2x FlexCAN
= 2x GbE Ports

  • 3x USB 2.0 supported through onboard Hub
  • Operating System: Linux OS on A53 & RTOS on M7
  • SIM and SD Card slots
  • Box Dimensions: 190mm x 128mm x 41.75mm, Weight: 700g
  • I/o Connectivity: 2x M.2 Connectors
  • Wireless Connectivity: Wi-Fi 6, 5G/LTE
  • GPS + GLONASS Module
  • IMU 6-Axis Sensor
  • Automotive Power Supply

Part Number – TGU



  • Telematics Gateway Application Unit
  • Temp : 40oC to 105oC

Real-time data and signal sharing

TERA Benifit Icn 02

Integrated navigation Capability

TERA Benifit Icn 03

High Speed In-Vehicle Networking

TERA Benifit Icn 04

Secure over-the-air software updates

TERA Benifit Icn 05

Predictive and prescriptive vehicle health

TERA Benifit Icn 06

Conversational AI messaging

TERA Benifit Icn 07

Improved roadway-centric coverage

TERA Benifit Icn 08

Cellular V2X communication at scale

TERA Application Icn 01

Prescriptive maintenance

TERA Application Icn 02 2

Enhanced safety

TERA Application Icn 02 1

Collision avoidance

TERA Application Icn 04

Predictive quality of service

TERA Application Icn 05

Driver behavior

TERA Application Icn 06

Remote operation

TERA Application Icn 07

Personalized video streaming

TERA Application Icn 08

Augmented reality(ar) applications

More About TERA

Download Datasheets

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Getting Started

Experience The Impact Of TERA With Tessolve

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