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Possibilities productized with innovative silicon & systems partnership

In Our Partnership – Industries Trust

Pillared on innovation and technology evolution

Keeping pace with the increasing complexity and rising demands in the semiconductor space, we have evolved beyond our role as an engineering service provider. The shift to strategic and long-term engagements has enabled us to associate as a partner to clients’ engineering needs and offer an end-to-end resolution. Continuous investment the technical expertise has enabled us to handhold customer right from the specification stage through the entire product life cycle.

Cross-Industry Engineering Footprint

Engagements with OEMs and tier-1 suppliers


Proven engagements with Tier 1s, OEMs and automotive companies for smart electronics and systems across vehicles.


Any product that requires a touch screen panel. This can include robotics, IoT, fitness/wearables, medical, kiosks, industrial, etc.


Low voltage, faster and innovative semiconductors for smart cars, aviation communications, real-time medical sensory data.

Sector Specific Touchpoint

Next-gen solutions – be it IoT, automotive, and more


Semiconductors are at the forefront of the rise of smart vehicles with autonomous driving, enhanced user experience and improved security. Tessolve has aligned itself to meet the increased technology demands this evolution puts on silicon engineering and embedded systems development, by understanding the design, test and reliability requirements.

Data Center/Enterprise

As many companies are migrating to Datacenters and Enterprise for data storage & computation, there is a pushing need for differentiated & customized solution. Addressing their need, we provide customized ASIC Solutions for Datacenter & Enterprise Solutions.


When it comes to interconnected industrial assemblies, manufacturing floors, laboratory equipment – we bring connectivity of systems to the next level, transforming IoT supported devices and other technologies like bluetooth, wifi, radar with our silicon engineering prowess.


Our engineers are adept in focusing on ODM products – IoT physical devices to software applications, leveraging in-house IoT Bricks and custom development capabilities. Cost-effective end-to-end design, development and qualification ensure smart and secured IoT solutions are developed with speed.


Tessolves provides the aircraft sector with cutting-edge avionics solutions.  We make sure that the navigation, communication, and control systems on board are of the highest caliber, complying with the exacting standards of the aviation sector and facilitating safe and effective air travel.


Tessolve is a leader in semiconductor services and provides innovative solutions to the semiconductor sector. We offer specialized solutions for challenging semiconductor projects with an emphasis on innovation and efficiency, resulting in high-performance and dependable integrated circuits.

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