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Igniting the next wave of semiconductor performance


HSIO Lab Overview

Pioneering high-speed I/O solutions for transformative semiconductor advancements

To advance industry trends for Consumer, Automotive, Gaming, and Enterprise Markets, Tessolve partners with Keysight to provide HIGH-SPEED I/O interconnect test solutions. This collaboration will enable customers to drive semiconductor innovation, through improved testing capabilities at Tessolve’s newly established HSIO Lab. Through the HSIO Lab’s expertise, semiconductor companies can unlock significant performance gains, pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

Key drivers for the establishment of the HSIO lab:

  • Pushing Video Quality beyond 8K
  • Gaming an VR requirements for low latency
  • Internet of Things” (IoT) drives the enterprise market for streaming and cloud applications requiring High data rates for server/storage-related solutions.

Developing cutting-edge test solutions @112Gbps data rate requires close collaboration and involvement with experienced high-speed IO experts. Working together with our mutual customers, Tessolve and Keysight can leverage the strengths of both companies to help ensure success and provide the full benefits by leveraging the SI Analysis & mmWave board design expertise.


Facility Overview

Fueling technological advancement through next-gen HSIO testing

To elevate the journey and the strength to the next level, Tessolve invested in 70GHz
Test instrumentation with keysight technologies to provide cutting-edge test solutions to their customers on
HSIO domain LPDDR/DDR5, USB 4.0, PCIe Gen 6, etc.  It helps to perform a wide variety of signal integrity parameter
measurements apart from SERDES Tx & Rx Compliance measurements. Name the few here, –

Jitter Measurement Analysisn Icn

Jitter and measurement analysis

TERA Benifit Icn 01 1 2

Embedding and De-embedding

Crosstalk Analysis Icn

Equalization and crosstalk analysis

TERA Benifit Icn 01 1 4

Real-time eye diagram and advanced
clock recovery

TERA Benifit Icn 01 1 5

Transformation of time domain signals into
a frequency domain

TERA Benifit Icn 01 1 6

Analysis of NRZ and PAM-N signals

TERA Benifit Icn 01 1 7

CEM tests

TERA Benifit Icn 01 1 8

Link EQ tests

TERA Benifit Icn 01 1 9

PLL Loop bandwidth and peaking tests

HSIO test involves measurement of Tx eye characterization, receiver tests using BERT and interference signals checking ability to detect a low-level signal, and confirmation that continuous time linear equalization (CTLE) and other equalizations and thresholds are effectively compensating for insertion loss. In addition, the error detector must verify the bit error rate and confirm that a receiver can receive an off-frequency or out-of-phase signal.

Key Benefits

Empowering semiconductor industries to achieve unprecedented performance

VLSI Design Capability

The HSIO lab which is the result of collaboration between Tessolve and Keysight brings a few key benefits to industry, customer base, and business to both under a win-win strategy.

  • Standard and Complex IP Block Design and Development
  • SoC and Sub-system Integration, Clock and Reset design, Clock gating, Low-power design, UPF definition
  • RTL Quality Checks: Lint, CDC, Automated property checks, Low-power checks
  • Protocol Experience: HSIO Protocols (PCIe, USB, MIPI), AMBA protocols (AXI/AHB/APB), Memory interfaces (DDRx/LPDDRx), Low-speed peripheral interfaces (I2C, SPI, UART, MDIO, I2S)

High-Speed Testing Gallery

A gallery of innovation in high-speed interconnect

Ipl 1
Ipl 3

Supercharge Your Semiconductor Innovations with High-Speed Testing Excellence!

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