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Building blocks to your IoT with a built-in security engine

IOT Overview

Future Of IoT

Connectivity products on semiconductor competence

Our in-house IoT Bricks and custom development with excellent solution engineering capabilities help solution providers and product developers with end-to-end design, development, and qualification needs. Cost-effective engagements with multi-domain expertise ensure that products are launched with faster time-to-market.

Highlighting Our Testing Competence


IoT Bricks

Ready Made secure building blocks of hardware and software. They are directly used as an application solution or individually integrated with 3rd party technologies for customized solutions.


Product Engineering

Design, Development, and Maintenance of hardware products, embedded software packages, and cloud/server applications and solutions for different IoT use cases.

Focus Areas In Industrial

Cloud & Web Application Development

AWS, Azure, Google, Stand Alone Server IoT-based application development and maintenance. UI/UX, Voice assistance-based customized development.

IoT Focus Areas

Bricks, engineering, and custom developments

Connected Lighting

An easy to integrate software and hardware building blocks for smart wireless lighting management solution for both Indoor and Outdoor lighting use-cases, offering end customers with benefits on Energy Savings, Ease of Maintenance, and Optimization. It can be easily integrated by Lighting OEMs and System Integrators for connected lighting offerings.

Asset Management

Diverse solution on asset management with optional integrated sensors, precision positioning etc for improving operational efficiencies in Industrial Environment. It can be easily integrated by System Integrators or Industries to offer smart and reliable tracking solution.

Smart Homes

With variety of secured and reliable connectivity modules, easily integrable with Home Appliances with ready made Mobile and Web applications, enables consumer electrical and electronic OEMs to offer smart solutions for next generation homes.


Ruggedized Industrial gateway with modular connectivity and industrial grade wireless sensors, data acquisition systems along with robust, comprehensive, analytical software enables System Integrators, OEMs with rapid solutions around Industry 4.0 on Smart Controls, Predictive Maintenance, Asset Management and Process & QA management.

Connected Vehicles

  • Compact WAN modules with application hardware for OBD2 port, Wirefree sensors for car safety, DashCam and Car Navigation devices
  • Web/Cloud based platform for data management, storage, live feeds, alerts

Engineering ODM Products

Realizing devices and software applications

The IoT Services Curve

Support – from ideas to implementation

R&D and Prototyping

R&D and Prototyping

Quick electronic design prototyping, mechanical designs, firmware, and integration with gateways, and IoT cloud platforms.

Hardware Product

Hardware Product Design, Development and Manufacturing

Design and development of hardware products, embedded software packages, and applications.

IoT Software Development

IoT Software Development and Product Maintenance

Operationalization of solutions, upgradation, feature enhancements and maintenance of software

Capable Partner Network

Bolstering our engineering footsteps

Advanvced Connectivity Solutions With Product Engineering On Edge



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