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IC Package Design Services

Advanced packaging solutions for diverse chipsets

Our Calibre In Package Engineering

Designing high-quality IC package solutions

IC Package design is an integral part of chip and package developments. We have designed some of the most advanced, high-performance packages on the market for our industry-leading customers. Tessolve has done package designs for a wide variety of packaging solutions, including:

  • Flip Chip Designs
  • System in Package (SIP)
  • Wire Bond Designs
  • 2.5D Package Designs
  • Chiplet Design

Outlining Our Competence

Spotlight on perfecting packaging design practice

Tessolve Packaging Solutions Icn 01

Addressing customer requirements with design experts developing ultra-high-performance package designs that offer high reliability.

Tessolve Packaging Solutions Icn 02

Ensuring bump optimization for better routing optimized BGA pin net assignment, and critical routings ‘meet SI, PI, Thermal and manufacturing requirements, as per the design for manufacturing (DFM) rules.

Tessolve Packaging Solutions Icn 03

Diverse experience in a design that includes Analog/digital mix, high-speed digital signals, high power, and radio frequency (RF) Interfaces.

Engineering It Different

We have handled everything, from the simplest to the most complex of package designs, and have ensured the best performance design is delivered to the customer.

Familiarity of delivering diverse package specifics

  • LPDDR5
  • HDMI
  • PCIE Gen5
  • High Band-width Memory (HBM)

Competent Toolkits:

  • Cadence APD
  • Expedition 2.8 version

Scope Of Design Service

Package categories we’re proficient In

Package Engineering Package Engineering Info Desk
Package Engineering Info Mb Package Engineering Info Mb
Mechanical Leadframe IMG 3

Mechanical Leadframe

Substrate Based IMG 3

Substrate-Based Organic & Ceramic

Interposer 3

2.5D-IC/Silicon Interposer, Embedded Bridges & FOWLP

3D IC IMG 01


Projects We’ve Delivered

Flipchip BGA design solution

  • Up to 18 layers of organic substrate Package size up to 75mmx75mm
  • Different types of pitch 0.4mm,0.5mm,0.65mm,0.8mm, and 1mm pitch
  • Different types of Heat spreaders that can handle the maximum power dissipation
  • Support for High power designs.
  • MIPI, CSI, DSI, DDRx, HDMI, PCIEx, ADC, DAC, Serdes interfaces
  • High-density complex routing with tight length matching requirement

Our Approach

Proven workflow – with collaborative consulting

Custom consultation and competent support infrastructure help at every stage of the design process – right from die creation to design finalization, validation, and packaging.

Our 11Approach
Approch Mobile

Realize Advanced & Accurate Package Design

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