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Data Center / Enterprise

Semiconductor solutions for sustainable data centers

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Sector Competence

Powering the universe that powers the world’s data

In this advanced technology-driven world, networking, computation, processing, and storage of data have become quite essential. The Datacenter and Enterprise Solution enables high-volume data computation and storage for various applications ranging from Internet, Extranet, and Intranet. Activities such as Business-to-Business transactions, managing internal functions within organizations, and virtual log-in to another specific network, etc. are enabled using Datacenter and Enterprises.

Sector-specific Achievement

New-age ASIC solutions for edge data centers

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As many companies are migrating to Datacenters and Enterprise for data storage & computation, there is a pushing need for differentiated & customized solutions. Addressing their need, we provide customized ASIC Solutions for Datacenter & Enterprise Solutions.

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  • Expertise in delivering high-speed ASICs & Turnkey Solution Offering: Digital Design, High-end Analog Design, Package, ATE Testing & Qualification, and PCB Design
  • One-stop shop for customization of ASICs in a shorter time duration, thereby enabling Time-to-Market.

Areas Of Expertise

ASIC to analog, high-end engineering sets us apart

  • ASIC Design – Digital: Implementation of high-performance ASICs with Multi-Core Processors & High-Speed SerDes interfaces.
  • High-end Analog Design: Any customization in high-end Analog IP for High-Speed & Power Optimization.
  • Packaging Solution: For ASICs with Multi-Lane High-Speed Interfaces (like SerDes, PCIe, DDRs, USBs, etc.) in Higher No. Substrate Layer (< 14). Experienced in 2.5D Package & Interposer Design, Package Analysis & simulations (SI-PI, Thermal, RF Channel Simulation)
  • ATE Testing & Qualification: Designing & manufacturing all the Test related Hardware, Testing of chips in the High-Speed ATE Testers (In-house capability). Qualification Tests based on JESD, IEC, and AEC Standards (In-house).
  • PCB: Design, Assembly, and Manufacturing. Capable of doing more than 60 Layers and 0.35mm pitch.

Redefine Semiconductor Solutions For Robust Datacenter Capability

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