Re-affirming Semiconductor
Characterization & Reliability


Re-affirming Semiconductor
Characterization & Reliability


Latest equipment and brightest minds

STPI in association with Government of Karnataka has set up Semiconductor Characterization lab in Bengaluru, branded as SMART (Semiconductor Measurement Analysis & Reliability Test) lab, Inaugurated by Hon. Minister of Electronics & IT, Sri. Ravi Shankar Prasad on 02.04.15


Advanced Testing, furthering Turnkey capabilities

Our Burn-in Qualification Lab in Tessolve is the first lab in India, available for public and semiconductor companies in the country. Our Experienced engineer helps customers with Qual Plan and testing, meeting or exceeding customer requirement. We have 200+ design engineers for BIB design and PCB fab house for BIB fabrication in-house, capable of testing complex devices. BIB used in MCC Oven, AEHR, InCal can be tested with EDA Oven with add-on adaptor board on request.

Tessolve provides complete Turnkey solutions for Burn-in activity which involves Schematic, BIB design/Fab, Pattern conversion from any tester/platform, Test, Analysis etc.


High temperature operating life test is to determine the reliability of products by accelerating thermally activated failure mechanisms.


The high-temperature storage life test measures device resistance to a hightemperature environment that simulates a storage environment.


Temperature cycle testing accelerates fatigue failures within a specific die and packaging system (Ramp time:- time 8 deg/min).

Equipment Hardware

  • Driver board support up to 256 I/O and 48 Stimulus
  • Max of 10 BIB board with 3 PS for each Board
  • 10Mhz clock speed and built-in wave, form generator
  • 64M pattern depth

Bench Characterization Lab

The perfect Test Bench for your Chip test plan

From Post Silicon Electrical Validation to Characterization at Test Bench; assessing and validating modern Chip designs become a necessity for debugging operations during the device wake up. The initial wake-up requires bench setup for simulations to be run and device behavior to be mapped. The outcome is a more accurate specification in the product data sheet. Bench Characterization – an important step towards identifying the right board design through optimal parasitic and accurate environment, provides the best test conditions ensuring correct measurement of data.

Our Test Bench Activities

Post-Silicon Validation and Characterization

Tessolve excels in rendering Test Services related to Post Silicon Electrical Validation and Characterization at Test Benches for top-notch silicon manufacturers worldwide.

  • Design and Testing of Characterization Board
  • Device wake-up and trimming
  • Test and Validation Plan
  • Automated Test Sequence Development
  • Data Collection across PVT and ATE Correlation
  • Data Plots preparation and Electrical Spec confirmation

ESD Simulation Tester

Sophisticated and Standardized Test fixtures

Ours is the only Automated ESD test simulator (HANWA) in the country which can Perform HBM, MM, CDM & Latch-Up testing. We work with customers to develop test plan as per the device specification and Pin count. We also design and fabricate PCB (daughter board) in-house as per the device footprint.

We follow Industry Standard like JEDEC, AEC, JEITA. We have dedicated test fixtures as per the standard. Tessolve provides a one-stop solution for a complete spectrum of ESD test methodology.

  • Human Body Model
  • 8kv Machine Body Model
  • 4kv Charged Device Model
  • 4kv Latch Up Testing (Static/Dynamic)
Tester Configuration

  • 512 pin Zap unit
  • 3 power supply( +/- 35V )
  • 10Mhz wave form for Latch Up


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