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Hardware Design & Manufacturing

Turnkey PCBs – from schematic design to assembled boards

Hardware For The Embedded Future

Advanced engineering – faster design, development, and delivery

Hardware needs to be more compact yet proven to support the complex architecture ASICs of today. We’re addressing this ask with future-forward hardware engineering – with reduced engineering cycles bringing down costs and production timelines.

Accumulated expertise over the years has enabled us to emerge as a leading PCB design company, providing engineering solutions to Tier 1 clients across multiple market segments. PCB Design is a significant part of the Hardware Development process and Tessolve delivers quality PCB Design Services. Our integrated solutions include Schematic Capture, Library Development, PCB layout, Package engineering, Mechanical Design, and Hardware Manufacturing.

A To Z Of Hardware Capability

Re-imagined with advances in silicon

System Board Design

  • As a leading hardware PCB board & design company, we develop system and evaluation boards to help customers evaluate their product functionality before manufacturing.
  • Provide application board development using our team’s expertise in High-Speed Processors, Analog, Mixed-Signal, and RF domains.
  • Deliver FPGA Emulation and Logic development/porting. Tessolve goes as far as preparing products for certification, ROHS/EMI-EMC.
  • We have developed an in-house MAGIK-2 Platform Evaluation Kit.

From custom SOM to product specifications to architecture design, printed circuit board layout, schematics, and assembly planning, our designers take care of it all. We ensure that all our gadgets will be up to your expectations and meet quality standards.

Our value-added Services

  • Designing hardware for HSIO, 5G, mmWave, PAM4, Si Photonics, High power, 100+ GB/s Data, and Hi-Rel, across a wide range of materials, densities, and component counts.
  • We work with Semiconductor, Defense, Automotive, Medical Device, Data/Telecom, IoT, and Consumer product companies.

Boards Supported

RF Applications | Motherboards | Backplanes | Sensor boards | High-Reliability | Evaluation modules | Bench boards | Sub-system boards | Daughter Cards | NPI boards | Avionics Boards

Test Board Design

  • ATEs speciality with over 15 years of experience in Test development, enabling us to build expertise in Test Hardware.
  • Understanding the project requirements, our professionals may advise ways of designing Test Hardware that is cost-effective but still meets the requirements.
  • Swift design of load boards, probe cards, associated test fixtures, and value-added services like fabrication, assembly, and test allows us to deliver more than just a board.
  • Hence, several of the world’s leading semiconductor companies consider us as their preferred supplier.
  • We have a 24/7 design cycle and an integrated quality system that has kept our re-designs to <1% while clocking in an average of 130 designs per month.

ATE Test Board – Our Design Services

  • Load boards (LB), Handler Interface Board (HIB), DUT Interface Board (DIB)
  • Probe cards (Vertical / Cantilever), Spider cards, Probe Interface Board (PIB), Flexible PCBs
  • Device Characterization Boards
  • Burn in Boards, HAST, ESD, Latch-up Boards

Board Design Experience

  • RF, Analog, High-Speed Digital, Mixed Signal, and Power Management devices
  • High Voltage and High Current devices
  • HDI Stackup
  • Experience in handling PCB materials like Nelco Meteorwave, Rogers, and Megtron series

Component Library Services

  • A documented footprint of your product design with information on components and detailed specs becomes necessary for design release and modifications.
  • Supported by a dedicated library team who are experts in creating a component library from the manufacturer’s datasheet as requested, leveraging a huge collection of Schematic symbols and PCB footprints.

Our Library Services

  • Component Library Development, Administration, and Verification
  • Library Migration – Legacy to Latest designs with add-on services such as BOM cleaning, Component Obsolescence identification, finding alternates, etc.

Benefits & Highlights

  • Footprints developed in strict adherence to IPC-7351 standards
  • An innovative parts review process ensures zero defect symbols and footprints
  • Dedicated Library development and management team ensure quick turnaround service
  • Library documentation conforms to the engineering rules established within IPC-7351
  • Automation scripts deployed to ensure quality and reduce cycle time
  • In-house developed Library QMS for process standardization

Simulation Services

  • We specialize in reading electrical signals to assess the integrity and quality of your PCB design.
  • Post-layout analysis is just one option. Our hardware design engineers evaluate alternative layouts even at the pre-design stage.
  • Simulation setups and models support this with swift evaluation and defined rules so that the design works under real-world conditions.
  • Real-time solving of performance issues and determining the practical level of simulations to eliminate risks and layout iterations – it’s the practice that saves time and cost.

Our Simulation Services

  • High-speed Channel Simulations
  • Time-domain Waveform Simulations
  • Power Integrity Simulations
  • Thermal Simulations
  • Crosstalk Simulations
  • EMI – Radiated Emissions Simulations
  • Parasitic RLC Simulations

Simulation Tools Expertise

  • Cadence Allegro PCB SI
  • Mentor Graphics HyperLynx SI GHz
  • ADS SI Pro and PI Pro

Mechanical Engineering

  • We cater to multiple market segments with mechanical and electro-mechanical engineering services, and as a result, our capabilities have expanded over the years.
  • Our mechanical team can design test fixtures, customized test cells, and develop products. Not to mention the easy validation of design modifications before building any physical prototypes.
  • We are ready to take on your electro-mechanical design challenge. Will you accept the Tessolve challenge?

Our Mechanical Engineering Services

  • Enclosure Design
  • Product/System Architecture
  • Shock/Vibration Simulation
  • Thermal Simulation and Analysis
  • Material and Comp. Selection
  • Reverse Engineering with CMM technology, Laser scanning
  • Product Specifications drafting
  • 3D Rendering and Prototype Design

Hardware Turnkey Flow

Schematics to the assembling – areas of expertise

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