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Embedded Design Services

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Embeded Oveerview

Embedded Systems Services

Ahead of the current innovation curve

Tessolve offers end-to-end product design services in the embedded domain from concept-to-manufacturing under an ODM model with experience in multimedia products in Avionics, Automotive, Industrial, and Medical. Tessolve’s solution includes system design, hardware, and mechanical development, BSP and firmware development, Middleware integration, third-party application integration, application development, testing and validation, production management, and product cycle support. Tessolve delivers value by customizing the platform, including HMI and mechanical enclosure, and through an EN9100-certified process.


All that we can do – at a glance

Key Capabilities

  • Focused on high-end video, audio, and multimedia embedded system
  • ISO9001 & EN9100 Quality certified
  • A passionate team of 100+ engineers!
  • Proven track record of 35+ products delivered to customers in ODM Model
  • Connected : Located in Bangalore the Indian Silicon Valley
  • Local Sales and Program Management in Europe, Israel & US
Software 1

Firmware /Software Projects



Hardware 2


Post Silicons
Referense Platform 1
DEMO Appliactions
FPGA Overview 1

Embedded Firmware Development

Complementing our software deployments

You can depend on Tessolve’s embedded software development team to deliver robust, secure, updatable, and scalable software for your RTOS-based systems. Our team has the capability to develop MCU firmware based on bare metal coding or RTOS-based firmware development including Free RTOS, and Zephyr.

Our team has the expertise to determine the optimal bare metal technologies for your use case, define a suitable RTOS, and outline firmware components to be used. Our expertise spans a variety of Arm-based microcontrollers. We offer firmware development based on various microcontrollers of leading silicon companies we have partnered with such as Texas Instruments, NXP Semiconductors, ST, and Nordic Semiconductor to name a few.

FPGA Systems

Simplified design to system developments

From architecture design to the system on chip capabilities to IP integration – our FPGA design engineering competence is the result of a team effort. Capable experts with domain knowledge of diverse FPGA tools and device families can deliver end-to-end design, verification, and system development requirements.

FPGA Hero 1

Platform Expertise

To extend embedded design competency

Focus Area

FPGA-specific technology offering

  • Feature List Integration (FPGA-specific Tech Library + Logic Verification)
  • Understanding Design and FPGA connectivity and proposing a combination of Block and Chip Environments
  • Testbench Level Development and FPGA Library integration
  • Block Level for each FPGA
  • Migrating to System Level for 3 FPGAs
  • 3rd Party VIP Integration (For Complex Protocols like PCIe/USB)
  • Coverage (code and functional)
Hardware Overview 1

Leveraging Hardware Engineering

Designing and simulating hardware for peak performance

At Tessolve, we drive growth in silicon engineering by utilizing our robust framework of hardware support services. We design, develop and simulate every piece of Hardware necessary for Embedded Systems. Our Hardware Engineering capabilities include Design, Simulations, Analysis, EDA Tools, Prototyping & Manufacturing, Testing & validation.

Hardware Engineering

HW Capabilities

  • Design: Mixed Signal, RF Digital, Analog
  • Simulations: SI, PI & Thermal
  • Analysis: MTBF, FMCA, DEX
Hardware Engineering

EDA Tools

  • Cadence, Mentor, Altium
  • Hyperlynx SI GHz
  • Hyperlynx Thermal(Board Level)
  • Flow Therm/ICE Pak (System Level)
Hardware Engineering Icn 03

Prototyping & Manufacturing

  • Proven SCM Process
  • Manufacturing with 3rd Party EMS Partners
Hardware Engineering Icn 04

Test & Validation

  • Engineering Validation (EV, DV, PV)
  • Use Case Validation Regulatory tests

End-to-end Design In Embedded Domain - Providing An Edge

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