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Digital Connected Cluster

Drive smarter with a cost-effective, high-performance digital connected cluster!

i.MXRT1176 Based 2/3-Wheeler
Low-cost Digital Connected Cluster

Demand from the automotive world is growing day by day where vehicles need to be able to offer innovative and simple ways to convey complex information to help drivers with efficient and experience-driven navigation. High-tech-driven Instrument clusters with high-resolution color displays with realistic visual renderings will be a digital delight for the riders.

Addressing this market segment, Tessolve introduces a cost-optimized, high-performance digital connected cluster based on i.MXRT1176 SMARC SoM is targeted for the 2 or 3-wheeler market. Connected cluster delivers an advanced digital experience for two/three-wheeler driving.

This platform modularizes the design by integrating NXP SoC (System-on-Chip) and other key components into a system-on-module (SOM) board based on the SMARC (Smart Mobility ARChitecture) form factor. The SOM is integrated onto an application board that provides additional system functions and connectivity to the display and other vehicle electronic control units (ECUs)

Features of Digital Connected Cluster

  • NXP i.MXRT1176 Crossover MCU
  • 5.5-inch TFT 720*1280 Pixels with LED backlight, full viewing angle, capacitive touch
  • 2.4/5 GHz dual-band 1×1 Wi-Fi 6
  • Bluetooth/ Bluetooth Low Energy 5.2
  • Vehicle Connector With:
    – 2x CAN/CAN FD
    – 1x Gb Ethernet
    – 1x 10/100 Ethernet
    – 2x USB
  • Operating System: FreeRTOS with ready to integrate Tessolve SDK & API
  • UI: LGVL

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Part No**



RT1176 2W Cluster

Nxp 1

Silicon Partner

EV 1

Application Use Cases


Hands-Free Calling & Bluetooth Audio


Secure Vehicle Access

Ux Inhes

FOTA Upgrade & UX Enhancements


Phone & Cloud Connectivity

Experience the Future of Driving with Tessolve's Digital Connected Cluster!

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