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Automotive Lab

Driving towards smarter, optimized,
cost-effective automotive future vehicles

Automotive Lab Overview

Fuel your automotive innovations in our state-of-the-art lab

Welcome to the forefront of automotive innovation, where cutting-edge technology and groundbreaking research converge to shape the future of mobility. Our Automotive Lab stands as a beacon of progress, dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the realm of transportation.

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Vision and Mission

A vision where vehicles are not just modes of conveyance but integrated ecosystems of efficiency, sustainability, and safety. Our mission is to drive innovation that transforms the driving experience, making it safer, more sustainable, and technologically advanced.


Sustainability Initiatives

Environmental responsibility is at the core of our endeavors. Witness our commitment to sustainability through research on advanced driver assistance systems, EV-based battery management and monitoring, and initiatives aimed at reducing the overall environmental footprint of the automotive industry.

Core Focus Areas

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Embedded Automotive Lab Facilities Overview

Bridging the gap between research, development,
and real-world automotive solutions

Our Embedded Automotive Lab is a state-of-the-art facility designed to drive innovation and excellence in embedded systems and automotive technology. Equipped with cutting-edge resources and staffed by experts at the forefront of their fields, our lab offers a diverse range of facilities aimed at advancing research, development, and testing in the embedded automotive space.

Our Embedded Automotive Lab is committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation, providing an environment where researchers and industry professionals collaborate to shape the future of embedded systems in the automotive industry.

Hardware Development Zone

An expansive array of microcontrollers and processors tailored for automotive needs, along with dedicated real-time operating systems for reliable embedded system development.

Embedded Software Development Hub

Advanced IDEs for crafting robust automotive software and cross-compilation setups ensuring seamless software-hardware integration.

Sensor and Actuator Integration Corner

Fusion platforms for diverse sensors, optimizing perception in autonomous vehicles, alongside control algorithm testing for crucial actuators.

Communication and Connectivity Lab

V2X communication exploration for safer roads and robust network security tests fortifying vehicular systems against cyber threats.

Automotive Simulators and Virtual Testing Environments

HIL simulators merge physical components with computer simulations for exhaustive embedded system validation.

Power Electronics and Energy Management Section

Focus on EV energy management, including fast-charging tech and smart grid integration.

Our Capabilities

Powering the next generation of embedded automotive technology

  • The Embedded Automotive Lab is an advanced research facility dedicated to driving innovation in embedded systems for automotive applications.
  • Equipped with cutting-edge hardware and software development resources, the lab focuses on microcontroller platforms, real-time operating systems, sensor integration, communication protocols, and power electronics.
  • Specialized areas include sensor fusion, V2X communication, and cybersecurity testing.
  • The lab boasts Hardware-in-the-Loop simulators and VR driving setups for comprehensive testing.
  • With a strong emphasis on electric vehicle technologies, it features EV charging infrastructure and power electronics labs.
  • Collaborative spaces foster interdisciplinary cooperation, and project showcases demonstrate the practical applications of research.
  • The lab stands as a hub for pushing the boundaries of embedded automotive technology, shaping the future of connected, autonomous, and sustainable vehicles.

Partner in building the future of embedded automotive systems

  • Our in-house expertise spans microcontroller and microprocessor development, real-time operating systems, sensor fusion, V2X communication, and power electronics.
  • The lab’s unique strength lies in cutting-edge research on futuristic technologies, including quantum computing for enhanced processing capabilities and artificial intelligence for advanced autonomous systems.
  • Our seasoned professionals bring unparalleled insights into cybersecurity, ensuring the robustness of embedded automotive systems.
  • With a focus on sustainable solutions, our team excels in electric vehicle technologies, developing smart energy management systems, and pioneering advancements in EV charging infrastructure.
  • Collaborative by nature, our experts seamlessly integrate their skills, driving the evolution of smart, connected, and eco-friendly automotive technologies, and positioning our lab as a beacon for the future of vehicular innovation.

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