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Designing Advanced Embedded Systems

Tessolve Embedded Systems

Ahead of the current innovation curve

Tessolve offers end-to-end product design services in the embedded domain from concept-to-manufacturing under an ODM model with experience in multimedia products in Avionics, Automotive, Industrial and Medical. Tessolve’s solution includes system design, hardware and mechanical development, BSP and firmware development, Middleware integration, third party application integration, application development, testing and validation, production management and product cycle support. Tessolve delivers value by customizing the platform, including HMI and mechanical enclosure and through an EN9100 certified process.

Our SOM & EVK Solutions

Into the Embedded Advantage

Tessolve has its own SOM Module Family MAGIK-2 modules based on the SMARC/Q7 standard, containing a complete software suite including Device Drivers, BSP, support for various OS allowing effective productization. Our SOM & EVK solutions allows Customers to start their software development prior to manufacturing and helps faster time to market.

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Let’s explore development of new embedded systems with our engineering capability for IoT and connectivity solutions.

The Development Cycle

End-to-end support, from design to manufacturing

System Design

System Development

System Manufacturing

System Level Test

System Design

Ready designers for multitude of design requirements

In the embedded system arena, a certain depth of experience is what Tessolve brings to the foray, exposed to varied scenario, requirements and design related challenges. As a result, our designers have developed superior capability in designing concepts and analyzing the same for real world suitability. Our broad set of models – simulation to throughput models, graph theory to fuzzy logic, helps refine the system design for smooth development.

System Development

Schema to layout, the right tools and techniques

In the cycle of realizing the embedded system design, a schematic development of the outline – the electronic diagram/sketches of the circuit is interactively designed by a circuit designer. The schematic model becomes necessary for its application in layout capture – the blueprint of the prototype product. Utilizing our mechanical engineering skills, we converge on a prototype layout. With various tools in the marketplace with their unique capabilities for engineering a layout, Tessolve’s expertise comes in handy when selecting the appropriate and cost effective ones. Thanks to our in-depth experience with mechanical engineering tools and techniques, we take the best approach finally finishing up with QA and testing to check layout viability.

System Manufacturing

Complete ownership, complete support

Tessolve’s solution provides complete ownership of embedded system development to execute successful manufacturing, assembly and testing. Everything – right from the beginning of the assembling, to placing orders with the vendors and managing shipping and delivery, all streamlined into a robust process with clearly defined milestones and reviews. Besides manufacturing, our post design issue management and lifetime management also help clients with analysis of obsolescence and reporting.

Embedded System Manufacturing – Benefits And Capabilities

  • Tessolve’s complete Project management frees up your internal resources
  • Flexibility to select specific services or full service
  • Flexibility to select fabrication, assembly lead times based on your budget and schedule
  • Seamless integration with our design and project management team since the first day
  • Parallel co-ordination with assembly houses and fab vendors during design phase to prevent schedule slip
  • Best IPC1710 certified manufacturers as partners ensuring quality service

System Level Test

Embedded gets the validation edge

Tessolve’s role doesn’t just end with developing embedded systems. Proper testing, reliability assessment, and validation comprise the final stage of ensuring end-to-end efficiency of developed systems. With advanced test equipment and a capable testing team, we offer a wide array of testing support.

Our testing activities include:

  • Functional validation of DUT at System level
  • System HW + SW integration & Testing
  • Test the SOCs in an automated environment using SLT handler