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DSP Verification Using MATLAB C Models

Conference: Verification Futures 2023 (click here to see full programme)
Speaker: Bill Tiffany
Presentation Title: DSP Verification Using MATLAB C Models

The SigmaSense touchscreen controller IP uses proprietary configurable DSP logic for touchscreen signal generation and detection. MATLAB modelling is first used to refine the design to the point of a bit-width accurate resolution of each point in the signal path. This detailed definition is used to define the rtl implementation requirements. Via the MATHWORKS DPIGEN utility an equivalent C model is produced to serve as the DV predictor. A UVM testbench is created where constrained random simulations are performed, comparing the DUT and MATLAB C model results until they are in agreement.

Speaker Bio:

Bill Tiffany has an extensive background in digital logic design and verification including DSP applications, networking interfaces, microcontrollers, solid state drive controllers and with SigmaSense’s latest touch screen controller. In addition to understanding system requirements, continuous learning and sharing within a team is key to success.

Key Points:
  • Design requirements are refined via bit-width accurate MATLAB modelling.
  • DV predictor correctness is insured via DPIGEN C model extraction.
  • Coverage driven constrained random simulation exposes rtl to MATLAB discrepancies
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