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Power Control Verification Challenges In Arm-based SoCs

Conference: DVCLUB Europe | IP Integration Into Complex SoCs
Speaker: Deepak Joshi, Staff Verification Engineer, ARM Ltd
Abstract: With increasing complexities of Arm-based SOC’s, verification of power architecture, power domain partitioning, and interdependencies possess various challenges.
This presentation will show the use of Arm’s Power Control Kit, PCK600 IP, to integrate power domains using P/Q-Channel protocols and verification aspects involved.3 Key Points:
  • Integration verification of power domains based on PCK600
  • Random cross-power domain stimulus generation using software sequences
  • Functional Coverage of various power states using PCK600
Speaker Biography: Deepak Joshi is Staff verification engineer in Systems Development team at Arm Ltd. He has worked for 15 years in Linux user/kernel space programming, Embedded Systems, and SoC verification. His experience covers firmware development and functional verification.


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