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Python for Verification!

Conference: Verification Futures 2018 (click here to see full programme)
Speaker: Donald ‘Paddy’ McCarthy, Senior Verification Engineer, Infineon Technologies AG
Presentation Title: Python for Verification!
Abstract: Whilst many EDA tools embed TCL and a number of Engineers do, script; This is a short intro into what can and could be done with Python and its ecosystem for verification and more.

Key topics covered in the talk include:

  1. Python
  2. Verification
  3. Data-Science
  4. Algorithms
Speaker Bio: A self-taught programmer from before home computers. Bridging the gap between engineers and commercial EDA from before the advent of the workstation. I’ve worked mainly for IC design companies but have managed an engineering team for an EDA company.

I am a member of the Python Federation, and strive to promote Python in a polite manner.

I have written over 100 programming tasks for, and am an administrator on, the site for programming chrestomathy. I blog about Python topics and answer mainly algorithm and Python questions on StackOverflow.

At work I help make Engineers more productive by filling in the gaps between EDA tools and/or creating novel tools and reports. (ISO26262 keeps me busy).

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