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Signoff criteria for Verification by Thinking Ahead

Conference: DVCLUB Europe | Signing Off: What are your Verification Tape-Out Criteria
Speaker: Nihit Chattar, Staff Verification Engineer, ARM

Aim of this presentation is to highlight some of the verification signoff practices used in order to achieve desired quality in a timely manner. Planning ahead for the signoff criteria can help to achieve an effective and corrective verification. Some key signoff elements like tracking requirements to check all planned verification is achieved, periodic analysis of coverage, improving stimulus to achieve target and soaking the design to meet cycle targets.

3 Key Points:

  • Requirements tracking
  • Collection, analysis, and stimulus improvement using SCOV and Machine-Learning
  • Soak testing cycles.
Speaker Biography: I am working as Staff Verification Engineer in Systems group at ARM. In total I have 11+ years of experience as verification engineer. Started my carrier with SV-OVM verification in 2009, worked with 5 different firms and contributed to several projects. I am working with ARM for last 5+ years as verification engineer for System IP products. I have been involved in the entire verification process of these IPs from specification, TB implementation, to debugging regressions and signing-off verification.


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