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Join us at the Autonomous Vehicle Software Symposium (5-7 June, 2018 – Stuttgart, Germany) where Tessolve will be presenting the latest research findings and progress from two Innovate UK funded projects; CAPRI and RoboPilot. Both projects are looking at developing Autonomous Vehicles and in this talk Tessolve will be specifically reporting on the latest research into verifying and

validating their safety and security.

About the CAPRI Project

The CAPRI project brings together an experienced consortium of partners from industry, academia and local authorities, working together to deliver a complete end to end POD (Pods on-Demand) mobility service. The consortium aims to collate sufficient evidence from the deployment trials and simulation testing to support PODs becoming a recognised vehicle classification for use on public roads.

About the RoboPilot Project

The project dubbed ‘RoboPilot‘ features in the second stream of Connected and Autonomous Vehicle (CAV2) projects that were recently awarded £31m of Innovate UK led funding. As part of the RoboPiloy project Tessolve are working to accelerate the ‘safety’ components of the consortiums vision, working with partners on the verification and validation of the complex cyber physical systems involved in autonomous vehicle deployment.

The Symposium Presentation

The Tessolve presentation at the conference is titled: “Verification Techniques for Safety and Security in Autonomous Vehicle Software” and will discuss the range of methodologies being investigated for verifying the software deployed in automous vehicles in both simulation and physical test environments. In addition it will look at the safety and security issues and how the ongoing results from the projects are feeding into the evidence base to support Autonomous Vehicles and PODs as new vehicle classifications.

Event at a Glance

  • Talk: Verification Techniques for Safety and Security in Autonomous Vehicle Software
  • Present by: Mike Bartley, Tessolve Founder and CEO
  • Event: Autonomous Vehicle Software Symposium 2018
  • Date: 5-7 June, 2018
  • Location: Stuttgart, Germany
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