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DVClub Europe Meeting – April 2020

Event at a Glance

Tuesday 21st April, 2020
12:00 – 13:20 BST
FREE to attend Online

Verification of AI Designs

With the proliferation of IP and SoCs targeted at the fast growing AI (Artificial Intelligence) market, this event will focus on how such designs can be verified

Sr.NoEquipmentMakeTessolve Location
1Advantest 93k_STH - SSTesterBangalore
2Advantest 93k_LTH- PSTesterBangalore
3Advantest 93k_CTH(PACs) - SSTesterBangalore
4Advantest 93k # 1 TesterSan Jose
5Advantest Exascale TesterAustin
6Advantest 93k # 1TesterAustin
7Chroma 3160CHandlerSan Jose
8Chroma 3180HandlerSan Jose
9ETS-364 -01 / WIN 7TesterBangalore
10ETS-364 -01 / XPTesterBangalore
11ETS 364 -02TesterBangalore
12Eagle ETS 364 # 1TesterSan Jose
13Eagle ETS 364 # 2TesterSan Jose
14J750 # 1TesterSingapore
15J750 # 2TesterSingapore
16JHT handlerHandlerSingapore
17MAX TC # 01Accessory EquipmentBangalore
18MAX TC # 02Accessory EquipmentBangalore
19NI Tester #1 ANAFOCUSTesterBangalore
20OPUS3 Prober ProberBangalore
21Semic Opus ProberProberSingapore
22Semic Opus ProberProberSan Jose
23Seiko Epson NS8040HandlerSan Jose
24Thermostream # 01 Accessory EquipmentBangalore
25Thermostream # 02Accessory EquipmentBangalore
26ThermostreamAccessory EquipmentPenang
27ThermostreamAccessory EquipmentSan Jose
28ThermostreamAccessory EquipmentAustin
29UFLEX TesterPenang

About DVClub

The principal goal of each DVCLUB meeting is to have fun while helping build the European verification community through regular educational and networking events. Attendance at DVClub Europe meetings is free and is open to all non-service provider semiconductor professionals. Each meeting addresses a specific issue faced by the design and verification community and whatever your speciality provides an excellent opportunity for updating knowledge as well as share experiences, insights and issues with other members of the verification community.


DVCLUB Europe is made possible through the generosity of our sponsors.

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