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A well-planned IT Hardware solution can significantly lower costs and boosts your organization’s revenue. As organizations continue to rely on technology to streamline operations and drive innovation, having a reliable and well-optimized hardware foundation cannot be neglected. This is where Tessolve comes into play, offering various services such as PCB layout, PCB development, IC package design, and hardware development. 

In this blog, we’ll explore these solutions’ critical role in supporting and enhancing your IT infrastructure.

PCB Layout Service: Precision and Performance in Circuit Design

Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) are the heart of electronic devices, facilitating the flow of information and power between components. The efficiency and reliability of your IT infrastructure depend primarily on the design and layout of these PCBs. This is where a professional PCB layout service steps in. These services provide expert guidance in creating well-organized and optimized circuit designs, minimizing signal interference, and maximizing the performance of your hardware.

Tessolve, a prominent hardware PCB board & design company, excels in crafting system and evaluation boards that empower customers to assess product functionality pre-manufacturing. We provide all PCB layout services, i.e., from custom SOM to product specification to architectural design, PCB layout, schematics, and assembly planning.

Our expertise spans High-Speed Processors, Analog, Mixed-Signal, and RF domains for application board development. From FPGA Emulation to Logic development/porting, we ensure comprehensive solutions, even preparing products for certification like ROHS/EMI-EMC.


PCB Development: Tailored Solutions for Unique Needs

The IT landscape is highly diverse, and one size certainly doesn’t fit all. Enterprises often require customized solutions to meet their specific requirements. Our PCB development services cater to these unique needs, offering design and manufacturing that align precisely with your infrastructure demands. We offer top-tier production and assembly services via client-qualified Fabs, EMS, and CM companies. Partnered with major EDA firms, we provide a full spectrum of tools to support diverse customer needs. We have significantly impacted the field of PCB Development. We provide you with the following PCB Development services to make the PCD development seamless:-

  • Library creation
  • BOM scrubbing
  • Schematic Capture
  • Layout Design
  • Gerber (DFM) validation
  • Tester Template Creation

IC Package Design: Enhancing Performance and Reliability

Integrated Circuits (ICs) lie at the core of modern electronic devices, and their package design significantly impacts their performance, heat dissipation, and longevity. Efficient heat dissipation is essential to prevent overheating, which can lead to hardware failures and compromised performance. At Tessolve, we address these challenges by creating packages that optimize thermal management and ensure the device’s integrity.

Furthermore, the increasing demand for miniaturization requires innovative packaging solutions that maintain high performance in compact form factors. As the IC package design expert, we specialize in crafting solutions that balance power efficiency, thermal management, and signal integrity, leading to improved reliability and extended life cycles for your hardware components.

Hardware Development Service: From Concept to Reality

The journey from a concept to a functional piece of hardware involves multiple stages, each requiring a deep understanding of technology, engineering, and design. We offer end-to-end solutions, guiding organizations through the entire process, from ideation and prototyping to testing and mass production.

Collaborating with hardware development experts such as Tessolve streamlines the path to creating reliable and efficient IT infrastructure components. These professionals combine technical expertise with a comprehensive understanding of market trends, ensuring the final product meets functional and market demands. Additionally, hardware development services stay up-to-date with the latest advancements, enabling them to integrate cutting-edge technologies into your hardware solutions.

Conclusion: The Foundation for Future Growth

As businesses continue to innovate and adapt to evolving technologies, their IT infrastructure becomes increasingly critical to their success. Enterprise hardware solutions, encompassing services like PCB layout, PCB development, IC package design, and hardware development, lay the foundation for a robust and reliable infrastructure. 

With the ever-growing need for efficiency, performance, and customization, partnering with experts in these areas ensures that your hardware components are functional and optimized for your specific business needs. Choose Tessolve for unparalleled expertise in hardware solutions such as PC design and FPGA programming across diverse domains like Networking, Automotive, Industrial, and Consumer Electronics. With a track record of delivering over 80 hardware products, we excel in bit-file generation, validation programs, and more. Our proficiency spans high-speed interconnects, network protocols, SoC interfaces, and audio/video applications.

“Trust Tessolve to transform complex requirements into reliable Hardware Solutions.”

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