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Tessolve celebrated its 20th anniversary in January 2024, signifying two decades of technological progress since its inception in 2004. Throughout its history, Tessolve has consistently pioneered translating innovative concepts into cutting-edge next-generation products and solutions.

Founding and Early Years

Tessolve has been functioning in India for over 20 years. As the country’s pioneer, Tessolve had to make significant investments to develop the ecosystem. We were the first to establish modern semiconductor testing and qualification laboratories in India. Furthermore, Tessolve began its journey in 2004, focusing on failure analysis, and quickly achieved ISO 9001:2000 certification within its first year, demonstrating its dedication to quality.

Despite facing initial hurdles in talent acquisition in a rapidly evolving market, Tessolve remained steadfast, achieving crucial milestones with a clear vision. In 2007, the company expanded its capabilities by acquiring Caliber Infotech’s PCB Engineering Division and establishing Tessolve Engineering Service Pte., Ltd. in Singapore, a testament to its resilience and determination.

What Tessolve Leadership Says on Completing 20 Years

The leadership team at Tessolve looks back on the past 20 years with a profound sense of pride and anticipation. Srini Chinamilli, CEO & Co-Founder, reminisces about the early challenges of nurturing budding talent into top-tier professionals. Dr. Veerappan V, President of Tessolve, highlights the company’s pioneering role in chip testing in India. Rajesh Vaddempudi, Senior Vice President of Test Engineering, fondly remembers the excitement that surrounded Tessolve’s inception. Yogan Senthil Kumar, Vice President, underscores the importance of engineer training in delivering exceptional customer service, a value that remains at the core of Tessolve’s operations.

In the video above, Tessolve’s leadership team acknowledges the company’s journey of resilience, creativity, and reliable devotion over the last two decades. As we look ahead, we are dedicated to advancing technology innovations and providing exceptional service to our loyal clients globally.

Key Factors Behind Success Over the Years

Tessolve’s achievement is attributed to its steadfast commitment to technological advancement, semiconductor testing, and engineering proficiency. The company has solidified its position as an industry leader by delivering advanced solutions to clients, effectively addressing complex challenges in IC development and silicon engineering failures.

Bold Vision and Relentless Pursuit

Tessolve’s story exemplifies a bold vision and unwavering pursuit of greatness. Tessolve began with the goal of being the best platform company for silicon and system productization with top-tier Test Engineering solutions but has since expanded its ambition to include Chip Design, Test Product Engineering, Embedded Systems, Software, and PCB Hardware Design. Tessolve is now a respected Silicon and Systems engineering company across 10 countries.

Driving Success: A Customer-Centric and People-First Culture

Tessolve’s success stems from its people-centric, customer-focused culture. Tessolve values respect, excellence, and an entrepreneurial spirit, and it develops a family-like environment in which employees thrive.

Strategic Acquisitions and Collaborations

Tessolve, a primary global engineering solutions provider, has acquired Test & Verification Solutions (T&VS) to strengthen its market position. This marks Tessolve’s fourth strategic acquisition in the past five years, enhancing its ability to offer a full range of services under one roof from Design to Silicon and Systems. The company’s post-silicon capabilities uniquely position it to transform a high-level specification into a qualified part.

Tessolve’s strategic acquisitions, which include Caliber Infotech’s PCB Engineering Division and DTS, have also played an essential role in the company’s expansion, allowing for expanded capabilities and a complete service portfolio.

Investment in Research and Development

Tessolve has made significant contributions to the field of semiconductor engineering. Tessolve established India’s first NPI lab infrastructure, trained over 5,000 fresh graduates and junior engineers, and expedited design and productization efforts for premier semiconductor businesses and startups.

Tessolve also created a Center of Excellence (CoE) for Test Engineering. The CoE specializes in several fields, including VLSI Analog, VLSI Digital, Embedded Systems, Special Projects, and PCBs. The primary goal of this program is to accelerate the widespread acceptance of emerging technologies and breakthroughs. 

Adaptability to Market Trends

Tessolve’s agility and response to market trends and growing industry standards have strengthened its competitive advantage and driven long-term business success.

A dedicated team of professionals

Tessolve’s success is based on its dedicated team of over 3,000 experts worldwide. Tessolve builds a team of professionals dedicated to delivering excellence by nurturing talent and providing opportunities for advancement.


Let’s Sum Up

Tessolve’s incredible journey over the past two decades reminds us of our strong dedication, innovative thinking, and relentless pursuit of excellence that paved the way to success. Looking ahead, we’re committed to pushing technology boundaries, providing outstanding service to our global clients, and staying ahead in semiconductor and systems engineering. With a solid foundation in our people-focused culture, strategic acquisitions, and investments in research and development, we’re ready to confidently embrace the future, driving innovation and creating value for our customers and partners worldwide.

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