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The Ghosts of Challenges Past, Present and Future

Conference: Verification Futures 2024 (click here to see full programme)
Speaker: Andy Bond
Presentation Title: The Ghosts of Challenges Past, Present and Future

With nearly a quarter of a century invested in design and verification, Andy will attempt to look at the challenges, changes, successes and failures that shaped where we are today as well as looking to predict those still to come.

Speaker Bio:

After starting his career at STMicro during the processor wars of the early 21st century Andy has built and led verification teams for SuperH, Icera, NVIDIA, Cirrus Logic and Axelera AI. As a strong believer in people and products he has been an early adopter, and sometime rejector, of many of the techniques and processes that are now common across the industry. Rarely short of opinions and an unashamed thief of other’s good ideas Andy has been lucky to work with, and benefit from, a number of excellent people and companies over the years.

Key Points:
  • Which innovations have proved successful and why?
  • Why have some failed to catch on?
  • What new areas could change how we work over the next 25 years?
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