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AI and GenAI for Verification Productivity

Conference: Verification Futures 2024 (click here to see full programme)
Speaker: Dr Andy Penrose
Presentation Title: AI and GenAI for Verification Productivity

AI powered verification represents a generational shift from single-run, single-engine algorithms to algorithms that leverage big data across multiple runs of multiple engines throughout an entire SoC verification campaign. The Verisium platform realises this opportunity and optimizes verification workloads, boosts coverage, and accelerates root cause analysis of bugs. This presentation will provide updates on Cadence AI/ML solutions, including Verisium Apps, and will also give direction on how Generative AI is being developed to bring the next set of tools to the verification domain.

Speaker Bio:

Andy Penrose is a Software Engineering Group Director in the System Verification Group at Cadence. During his 20 years in EDA he has focused on clock tree optimization, SoC pre and post-silicon debug and now AI accelerated verification. He holds an MA and a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Cambridge.

Key Points:
  • We must boost verification productivity
  • We have deployed AI tools that meet this challenge
  • GenAI is the next big opportunity to take verification productivity to the next level
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