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Rethinking Verification Leadership: Ready or Not, Here Comes Generative AI

Conference: Verification Futures 2024 (click here to see full programme)
Speaker: Hemendra Talesara
Presentation Title: Rethinking Verification Leadership: Ready or Not, Here Comes Generative AI

The scale and ever-increasing complexity of chip design in the semiconductor industry have always posed a challenge for verification. We are all too familiar with the escalating costs of missed defects and long verification cycles. Project timelines have made leadership stick to legacy methods and often risk aversive. Unfortunately, sticking to only tried and true methods can put you out of the game. Generative AI is a game-changer technology. Its a disruptive force that will transform chip verification practices. From automation to augmentation, it will complement and enhance our most advanced method available today. We will look at how everything can be accelerated, from brainstorming, test planning, design verification reviews, scenario generation, and improved coverage to finding corner cases. It does have challenges, but nothing unsurmountable. Its time to push boundaries. Let's explore and rethink verification.

Speaker Bio:

Hemendra is a known name in verification with over 35 years of experience. He worked for IBM, Synopsys, AMD, and many others and led many projects through the entire verification life cycle, from initial architecture exploration to design implementation to tapeout. His projects included CPUs, GPUs, Wireless, Networking, Telecom, Solid State Drive, and various peripheral IPs. He is a Certified Corporate Director, Advisor, and Mentor to startups. He is deeply into disruptive and transformative technology's technical and societal impact. He will explore the implications of next-generation AI on Verification Processes.

Key Points:
  • Generative AI offers a promising transformation of verification practices.
  • It can improve the quality, time, and costs of verifying chips.
  • Its time to rethink verification, adopt new technology, and remain competitive
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