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Methodology focused testbench generation

Conference: Verification Futures 2023 (click here to see full programme)
Speaker: Benjamin Delsol
Presentation Title: Methodology focused testbench generation

UVM testbench, environment and UVC development practices need a boost. UVMGen speeds VIP creation by reactively generating code that uses only the best industry strategies. Now, recent college graduates can create environments that will withstand any guru’s code review and they’ll be running tests in a matter of hours, not months. At integration levels, simply click in these lower level environments to create cluster and chip level testbenches. UVMGen ensures seamless compatibility for UVC and environment reuse, making development and integration a snap.

Speaker Bio:

Ben Delsol has been a DV engineer with a passion for improving quality of work with automation. For more than 15 years, Ben has been a part of creating and observing industry best practices at companies such as Intel, Qualcomm, Samsung and Microsoft. He leaves his mark at these companies creating tools that transform the way work is done. Now Ben has started his own company, UVMGen LLC, which is positioned to change the way the world does DV. Never has a SystemVerilog code generation tool been created with this degree of intelligence and Ben is excited to introduce it here at the Tessolve DV Conference in Austin.

Key Points:
  • Verify more features and meet aggressive timelines while preserving a rock solid verification infrastructure./li>
  • Reuse at a click and scale with ease
  • With UVMGen, new engineers can learn UVM at their own pace, yet their VIP development capability is instantly supercharged to that of the gurus.
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