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Engines, Logistics and AI

Conference: Verification Futures 2023 (click here to see full programme)
Speaker: Bahadir Erimli
Presentation Title: Engines, Logistics and AI

As the verification problem continues to grow, the key metric that many verification teams must closely consider is “Total Verification Throughput.” While verification engines like simulation, formal, emulation and so on have a key part to play in total verification throughput, additional concepts like verification logistics and the utilization of AI can have significant impact and potentially benefit as well. This presentation will introduce the concept of verification logistics and how AI is, and will be, applied.

Speaker Bio:

Bahadir Erimli is a member of the Cadence Worldwide Field Operations team where, as a Group Director he leads the Verification Applications Engineering team primarily in California including Silicon Valley. Before joining Cadence nearly 12 years ago, Bahadir held a number of senior engineering positions at consume and biotech semiconductor companies. Bahadir is based in San Diego, and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineer from Middle East Technical University in Turkey, as well as advanced degrees in electrical engineer from Caltech.

Key Points:
  • Advancements in verification engines alone is not sufficient to meet the verification challenge.
  • Optimization of the ‘logistics’ of verification has a large role to play in total verification throughput.
  • There is an opportunity to apply AI across the verification suite to improve total verification throughput.
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