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Verification, bring-up, production – the wholly trinity

Conference: Verification Futures 2023 (click here to see full programme)
Speaker: Yiannis Nikolaou
Presentation Title: Verification, bring-up, production – the wholly trinity

In this talk, we cover how we use 1 unified environment for verification, validation and production, and how we benefit from this. Deployment to production is critical when it comes to our hardware projects. Therefore, optimizing the path to production at every stage is a big challenge to tackle by a small team.

Speaker Bio:

Yiannis, a hardware engineer, has been with the Jump Trading Group for the past 5 years, Before that, Yiannis worked at Huawei for 2 years in a CPU verification role after finishing his studies in Advanced Microelectronic Systems Engineering at University of Bristol

Key Points:
  • 1 unified environment among all 3 phases
  • Expertise and knowledge that is preserved
  • Project shift left, on a scale of months
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