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Is it easy to get started with UVM, or should I use Formal instead?

Conference: Verification Futures 2023 (click here to see full programme)
Speaker: Dr David Long
Presentation Title: Is it easy to get started with UVM, or should I use Formal instead?
Abstract: The Universal Verification Methodology (UVM) is an IEEE standard which provides a library of base classes, a framework and rules that enable complex simulation environments to be created in SystemVerilog. Unfortunately, beginners often struggle to understand the multitude of features provided by UVM. This presentation will introduce a subset of UVM, that makes it easier to get started and will show how these can be used to create a simple UVM testbench. However, a simulation-based approach is not always the best way to verify a design: Formal verification is also possible in SystemVerilog! The presentation will conclude with an overview of formal verification in SystemVerilog and consider how to decide the most appropriate approach to take.
Speaker Bio:

Dr David Long has been a key member of the Doulos technical team since 2001, specialising in Hardware Description Language-based design and verification. As well as developing, writing, and presenting training courses in leading-edge methodologies for embedded SW development, FPGA, ASIC and SoC design and verification, David regularly contributes to technical papers, tutorials, and conference presentations at major industry events world-wide. He has also provided project support and consultancy for industrial clients in the fields of digital/mixed-signal IC design and verification.

Courses taught include: SystemVerilog, SystemC, UVM, VHDL, Verilog, VHDL-AMS, C and C++ Programming for Embedded Systems and Embedded System Security. David was co-author of the IEEE Standard 1666-2005 SystemC Language Reference Manual and wrote the draft LRM for the SystemC Control, Configuration and Inspection (CCI) working group.

He has a PhD in Simulation of Mixed-Signal Circuits and a MSc in VLSI Design. Before joining Doulos, David worked for 10 years at a UK university where he was a Senior Lecturer in Microelectronics. In total, he has over 35 years’ experience of electronics design and verification in both industry and academia.

Key Points:
  • UVM.
  • An easy approach to create you first UVM test bench.
  • UVM versus Formal.
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