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How does ChatGPT change ML in EDA Landscape?

Conference: Verification Futures 2023 (click here to see full programme)
Speaker: Ramesh Narayanaswamy
Presentation Title: How does ChatGPT change ML in EDA Landscape?

ChatGPT has taken the AI/ML world by storm. Where does Large Language Models (LLM) fit with Statistical Machine Learning techniques employed in EDA. Does it augment or replace ML in EDA and Classical Algorithms in EDA? Discuss (a) Examples of ML amenable EDA and possibility of applying LLM (b) New areas enabled by LLM. Discuss User Experience issues, and IP issues opened up LLMs.

Speaker Bio: Ramesh Narayanaswamy is Principal Engineer R&D at Synopsys. Ramesh works on Synopsys’ Verification Products, specializing in Simulation Performance/Acceleration, and ML/AI Applications in EDA. Ramesh has built Simulation Accelerators targeting Many Core, GPU, ASIC, and FPGA Platforms. Over a 30+ year career Ramesh has architected and lead development of Simulation Software, Simulation Acceleration ASICs & Compilers, and FPGA-based Emulators. Tools Ramesh built have been used to verify Processor and Peripheral Chips in many generations of Mobile devices, and Compute Servers. He has 12 granted patents.
Key Points:
  • Capabilities of Large Language Models
  • Areas where LLMs can improve EDA
  • Handling Problems in User Experience, and IP with LLM
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