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On the Origin of Bugs

Conference: DVCLUB Europe | Improving Verification: Designers and Verification
Speaker: Bryan Dickman, Independent Consultant, Valytic Consulting Limited

Where do bugs come from? What are the common ways that bugs are introduced into designs and what can design engineers and verification engineers jointly do to avoid them?

3 Key Points:

  • Design strategies are equally as important as verification strategies. It is unreasonable to assume all bugs can eventually be found through verification efforts.
  • What can hardware design and verification learn from Software development and testing?
  • How can data and analytics be used to help?
Speaker Biography: Over 22 years of leading engineering teams and engineering communities in the field of design verification for Arm Processors. In recent years, more focused on leading the effort to exploit Engineering’s vast data resources to drive insights and improvements to critical workflows. Currently working as an independent consultant.


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