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Get the right FPGA quality through efficient Specification Coverage (aka Requirement Coverage)

Conference: DVCLUB Europe | Latest VHDL Verification Techniques
Speaker: Espen Tallaksen, EmLogic
Speaker Title: Get the right FPGA quality through efficient Specification Coverage (aka Requirement Coverage)

Specification coverage is getting more and more attention, and is critical for safety (e.g. DO-254) and mission critical (e.g. ESA space) applications. Unfortunately, this is often handled manually, which is really time-consuming and error-prone. UVVM’s Specification coverage allows a very efficient collection of predefined requirements, and it generates the reports you need for both mission-critical and safety projects, and in fact for any project where quality is important.

This presentation gives a brief overview of Specification Coverage before going into more details of proper Requirements Tracking. It also shows what is provided with UVVM and how this could be applied. UVVM is free and Open Source, and so are all the interface models, randomisation, functional coverage and specification coverage.

Key Points:

  • Specification coverage is required for safety applications and space projects
  • UVVM specification coverage has been used a lot for DO254
  • UVVM specification coverage is dead simple to use, and is free and open source
Speaker Biography:

Espen Tallaksen is the CEO of EmLogic, in Norway. Espen is also the author and architect of UVVM, the leading verification methodology and library for VHDL. He has a strong interest in methodology cultivation and pragmatic efficiency and quality improvement, and he has given lots of presentations at various international conferences with great feedback. He is also giving courses on FPGA Design and Verification.


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