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Fortifying Your Chip’s Integrity

Failure Analysis

The edge to your semiconductor product line

The Semiconductor Lab facility at Tessolve premises provides some of the unique value added services such as Focused Ion Beam – an expensive technique used to perform Circuit Edit like metal cut/metal growth required to remove/make electrical connectivity inside the Silicon. Optical Microscopy – an expensive equipment to analyze chip layout, Bonding arrangement etc., The other services include Decapsulation of the Device Package, Failure Analysis, and Characterization Lab. The Characterization Lab is a unique facility in India to perform complete Electrical Level characterization of the Silicon Devices and is aided by Government Of India. Thus Tessolve is a one-stop place for Semiconductor companies to perform Testing, Debugging and Characterizing the devices using advanced technologies in a cost-effective, Speedy way.

Our Facilities

Equipment to analytics – enablers of quality assessment

Our state-of-the-art equipment, analytics services and our value added activities allow us to perform reliability assessments and provide you with actionable insights.

FIB – Capabilities

  • Circuit Edits for Semiconductor application using Micrion
  • 9500 5nm
  • Milling and deposition of complex metal structure
  • Probe Pad construction
  • Optical Microscopy

Package Type

Our Capabilities

Equipment to analytics – enablers of quality assessment

Focussed Ion Beam

CAD navigation through Knight software.
GAE through specially designed Quad/Tri gas nozzles.
Laser guided state movement.
Circuit Edit up to 65nm technology (extended to 45nm).


Selective Area Decapping
Polyamide Removal
Bond Wire Integrity After Decapsulation
Selective Area Decapping

Optical Microscopy

Magnification Up To 1000x
Bright/Dark Field
Measurement Software

Other Analytical Services

Failure Verification
Fault Localization
Sample Preparation and Defect Tracing
Defect Characterization