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Deep Learning for Verification Engineers

Conference: DVCLUB Europe | Artificial Intelligence in Verification
Speaker: John Aynsley, Co-Founder and Technical Fellow, Doulos Ltd
Abstract: Deep learning is a very hot topic right now. Deep learning will impact design verification in a number of ways, from the kinds of electronic product we design and verify through to the algorithms used within design and verification tools. Research into the use of machine learning and deep learning within verification tools and flows is beginning, but it is still early days. This presentation will describe the big picture of deep learning and how it might apply to verification.
Speaker Biography: John is a co-founder and technical fellow of Doulos. John spent many years working in EDA, specializing in hardware description and verification languages and methodologies – and he is well regarded in the industry for his contributions to language standards.
More recently, he has been focussing on machine learning and neural networks. John still creates and delivers training courses, webinars and seminars world-wide.


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