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Why the Hell are They Here? – The Technology of Trading

Conference: Verification Futures 2022 (click here to see full programme)
Speaker: Vanessa Voinic
Presentation Title: Why the Hell are They Here? – The Technology of Trading
Abstract: Traditionally finance companies, banks, insurers or trading companies have been major customers and consumers of a wide range of technologies. Their business has driven and defined many of the enterprise projects from datacentre storage, compute and connectivity to personal security for online financial services and purchasing.

The scale, risk, regulations and competitive nature of the business means that over time these finance institutions have not only built significant internal expertise across a wide range of technology areas, but also identified new exciting areas for research and development.

This presentation will attempt to highlight some of the unique challenges this fast-moving industry faces and how addressing those challenges head on leads to innovation and opportunities in potentially unexpected areas.

Speaker Bio: Vanessa is a verification engineer with 10 years’ experience in the world of hardware design and a newbie when it comes to the finance sector. Having previously worked in big tech companies such as Infineon, Nvidia and Broadcom, Vanessa is now verification lead at Jump Trading after deciding in 2020 to take on the exciting challenges that come with working in fin tech.
Key Points:
  • What are some of the challenges faced in the finance industries?
  • What are some of the exciting opportunities and innovations driving the sector?
  • How does this new market fit in the wider world of global technology?
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