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What should I ask for this Christmas?

Conference: Verification Futures 2022 (click here to see full programme)
Speaker: Rich Porter
Presentation Title: What should I ask for this Christmas?
Abstract: Christmas 2022 may seem a long off, but I want to write my list to Santa Claus early. Continuous integration and ever-increasing numbers of processor cores alters the way EDA products are used. Greater parallelism and new languages change the way we interact with our tooling. Established verification frameworks try to be one-size-fits-all and need to adapt. What should I put on my Christmas list this year to help me out with these problems?
Speaker Bio: Rich has 25 years of design and verification experience in both start-ups and large multinationals. Rich spent his first ten years in industry writing RTL until he realised that all the interesting work is in verification. Rich is currently Director of Silicon Verification at Graphcore.
Key Points:
  • I want more licenses and faster tools
  • I want a common logging API
  • I want more alternatives to UVM and SV functional coverage
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