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The Challenges of Verifying an Arm CPU

Conference: Verification Futures 2022 (click here to see full programme)
Speaker: Scott Kennedy
Presentation Title: The Challenges of Verifying an Arm CPU
Abstract: Within the Arm CPU Engineering team our designs are getting more and more complex in order to meet an ever-growing range of customer demands, including but not limited to IOT devices, client devices such as smartphones, automotive or the server space. As such our approach to verification has to adapt. This short talk focusses on the main challenges we face and some of the key developments Arm has made in taking the increasing complexity of our designs in our stride.
Speaker Bio: Having graduated from The University of Glasgow with a B.Eng. in Electronics with Music followed by an M.Sc. in Electronics, specialising in DSP and Genetic Algorithms, Scott started his verification career within Intel’s Networking Group in 2000, working on Ethernet products. In 2006 he moved to ARC, working on their video encoders before joining Arm’s CPU team in 2008, working on Cortex A5 and A7, before leading the verification of Arm’s first v8 little core Cortex A53. More recently he has been leading the Cambridge CPU verification team, ensuring verification standards across A-class, R-class and M-class CPUs.
Key Points:
  • Diversification of verification approach
  • Diversification of EDA tooling
  • Leveraging Cloud compute
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