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Operationalising the adoption of AI to counter cyber attacks

Conference: Verification Futures 2022 (click here to see full programme)
Speaker: Peter Davies
Presentation Title: Operationalising the adoption of AI to counter cyber attacks
Abstract: The use of AI and Machine learning is often referred to either as a panacea or a blight. This paper will set out a context of regulated, continuous operation systems the outcomes of which may be tested in court and in that context will discuss the process and importance of choosing where to apply AI techniques in order to reap the benefits of the technique without undermining regulatory outcomes that have proved fundamental to the techniques successful adoption.
Speaker Bio: Peter Davies is a Security Expert operating at the convergence of Safety and Security.  An honorary Fellow with Imperial College’s Institute for Security Science & Technology and chair of the AESIN Security Workstream.  He is a leading expert on Countering Cyber Attacks targeted Supply Chain Infiltration and Cyber Physical Attacks.  He has lead the Cyber Security aspects of 3 C-CAV research activities and has 30+ years of verifying security systems in hardware and software.  Peter likes to say that he does security where it can’t afford to fail.  Peter is sought after by organisations for his advice on their legal position with respect to Cyber attacks.
Key Points:
  • Why was AI chosen as a technique?
  • Where was it applied for benefit and how was that measured?
  • Where was it not applied and why not?
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