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How Verification at Arm can kickstart your career

Conference: Verification Futures 2022 (click here to see full programme)
Speaker: Conor Flanagan
Presentation Title: How Verification at Arm can kickstart your career
Abstract: Conor Flanagan, a recent Graduate Engineer at Arm, talks through his journey of Verification from day 1 of his career. Following the twists and turns of formal and simulation he will highlight how Verification can open many doors as an early career choice.
Speaker Bio: Conor started at Arm in 2017 and has spent 4 years working with various Verification teams in CPU and Architecture departments. Using both formal and simulation methods he has built up experience in different areas of a CPU, helping to broaden his knowledge of the overall designs.
Key Points:
  • Verification as an early career choice exposes you to many aspects of Engineering
  • Verification can help to develop a varied skillset
  • Working with the Verification teams at Arm gives a real sense of accomplishment
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