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Verifying Human/Automation Interaction for Safety-Critical Intelligent Systems

Conference: Verification Futures 2019 (click here to see full programme)
Speaker: John Colley, University of Southampton
Presentation Title: Verifying Human/Automation Interaction for Safety-Critical Intelligent Systems
Abstract: Automation in safety-critical systems has been used successfully to reduce the impact of human error and improve safety. However, as these systems become more complex, intelligent and connected, their sophistication can lead to mode confusion and automation surprise as the human operators struggle to understand the state of the system that they ultimately control.

Failure or a deliberate attack on the automated system will mean that the human must take command quickly to mitigate the effects of the failure or attack. In this paper we look at the pressing issue of how such intelligent systems and their interaction with the human operator can be verified to be safe before they are built and deployed, using a combination of existing safety techniques and formal modeling and analysis of the system, including the automation, the operator and the system environment.

Speaker Bio: John Colley has twenty years of experience in the development of EDA tools for simulation, test generation, code coverage and model checking. He is now involved in the ongoing development of verification and validation methods for high-consequence systems, both formal and simulation based, in the aerospace, defence, rail and semiconductor sectors.
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