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Verification and Validation Challenges for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles

Conference: Verification Futures 2019 (click here to see full programme)
Speaker: Tim Edwards, Horiba Mira Ltd
Presentation Title: Keynote: Verification and Validation Challenges for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles
Abstract: Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CAV) promise exciting opportunities for societal benefits including improved road safety, reduced congestion and accessible mobility. To achieve these benefits and move from research prototypes and trials to full commercial deployments requires comprehensive and robust processes for system verification and validation (V&V).

The complexity of CAV systems, and the potential severity of faults, results in a wide test scope beyond that previously experienced in the automotive industry. This talk will highlight some of the main V&V challenges and discuss a number of the latest approaches and initiatives designed to address them.

Speaker Bio: Tim Edwards is Senior Consultant in Connected and Autonomous Vehicle technologies at HORIBA MIRA.  Over more than 12 years his work with MIRA has spanned Driver Assistance Systems, Automated and Cooperative Driving, and ITS.

Tim was MIRA technical lead for advanced collaborative R&D programmes including SAFESPOT, SAFERIDER, and UK Autodrive, and the current SAVVY, Human Drive, and VeriCAV projects. Tim led a range of design and implementation projects for the City Circuit, a unique purpose-built ITS test facility hosted at MIRA, and now advises international customers on CAV test procedure and test facility development.

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