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Towards Intelligent Testing of AVs in Simulation

Conference: Verification Futures 2019 (click here to see full programme)
Speaker: Abanoub Ghobrial, Trustworthy Systems Laboratory, University of Bristol
Presentation Title: Towards Intelligent Testing of AVs in Simulation
Abstract: The evolution and inevitable deployment of autonomous vehicles (AVs) on roads is challenging and fascinating at the same time. Our research at the Trustworthy Systems Laboratory of the University of Bristol investigates how Artificial Intelligence can be used to increase the level of automation in testing. In particular, we focus on exploiting agent-based techniques to efficiently generate effective tests in a simulation-based verification environment. In this presentation I provide insights into the challenges we are facing and how we address them.
Speaker Bio: Abanoub Ghobrial is a Researcher in the Trustworthy Systems Laboratory at the Computer Science Department of the University of Bristol, working on cutting-edge technology for simulation-based autonomous vehicle verification in the context of the Innovate UK funded projects CAPRI and ROBOPILOT. Abanoub has a strong engineering background, with a research interest in software and robotics. His research is currently focused on developing Artificial Intelligence-based techniques for assertion testing of autonomous vehicles in simulation.

He has gained extensive experience in various fields ranging from pure ultrasonics physcis and statelites electronics to drones software build for aggressive maneuvers control and autonmous vehicle software verification techniques; giving him a broad knowledge over many technologies.

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