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The Complexity of Verification in Automotive is Increasing With ISO26262-ISO21434 and ADAS Systems

Conference: Verification Futures 2019 (click here to see full programme)
Speaker: Mark Daniel, Infineon
Presentation Title: The complexity of verification in Automotive is increasing with ISO26262, ISO21434 and ADAS systems. What can we do to reduce this challenge?
Abstract: The complexity of verification for automotive markets is increasing to meet the conformance requirements of ISO26262, ISO21434 and ADAS systems. Our verification gap has therefore seen step-function increases.  The challenge is to reduce the verification complexity despite these demands, but what is the answer? Can we use AI/ML? Can reuse across different verification domains offer a solution, e.g. functional/safety/security, and how can tool qualification help?
Speaker Bio: Mark has been with Infineon for 18 years, during this time he has worked on the verification of 3rd party and in-house IP and CPUs. He has expertise in constrained-random verification environments, such as eVCs and ISGs, and flows. Most recently he has been responsible for the TriCore verification flow, ensuring that it’s maintainability, performance, ease-of-use and reporting are best in class. He has worked on making the CPU verification environment highly re-usable for deliveries of TriCore into both the Aurix and next generation families of microcontrollers. Prior to working at Infineon Mark worked at GEC Plessey Semiconductors (Mitel) on development of IP’s and SOC’s for the Set-top-box market. Mark has a BEng Electrical & Electronic Engineering from University of Bath.
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