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Introducing Uber’s Open-Source Autonomy Visualization System

Conference: Verification Futures 2019 (click here to see full programme)
Speaker: Xiaoji Chen
Presentation Title: Introducing Uber’s Open-Source Autonomy Visualization System
Abstract: AVS is a new standard for describing and visualizing autonomous vehicle perception, motion, and planning data, offering a powerful web-based toolkit to build applications for exploring, interacting and, most critically, making important development decisions with that data. For the past two years, Uber has been developing a set of components and tools for this ecosystem. By open sourcing it to the industry, we hope to help accelerate the development of autonomous technology via collaboration, knowledge sharing and fostering trust.
Speaker Bio: Xiaoji Chen is the technical lead of Uber’s Visualization frameworks team. Prior to Uber, she was a designer for Microsoft’s Xbox and Visual Studio, and published several works during her tenure at MIT’s Senseable City Lab. Her research interests include:
– Innovative ways to visually present large amount of data and to reveal patterns in transportation, communication, environment and health;
– Using data visualization to raise awareness on urban growth issues and influence population behavior;
– Building visualization tools that democratize open data access and promote informed decision making.
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