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Can We Trust Hardware? Detecting Malicious Logic and Trojans in IPs and SoCs

Conference: Verification Futures 2019 (click here to see full programme)
Speaker: Sergio Marchese, OneSpin Solutions
Presentation Title: Can We Trust Hardware? Detecting Malicious Logic and Trojans in IPs and SoCs
Abstract: The security of electronic systems is a growing concern. Medical devices, mil/aero applications, financial transactions, autonomous systems can be compromised by adversaries exploiting cybersecurity vulnerabilities. Hardware security is crucial to ensure that the whole system is robust against attacks. There is growing awareness that hardware bugs and flaws at the architectural, micro-architectural, and implementation level can unexpectedly open doors to sophisticated adversaries. But what about malicious logic and Trojans deliberately inserted in the hardware? Is this a real possibility? Are our current processes adequate to measure and reduce this risk? This presentation introduces the problem of malicious logic and Trojans in semiconductor IPs and SoCs and demonstrates a selection of techniques to address this critical issue.
Speaker Bio: Sergio Marchese has 19 years of experience in hardware design, constrained-random simulation, formal verification and Design-for-Test. Marchese has built and managed state-of-the-art teams, successfully achieving formal sign-off on complex designs. Before taking the role of technical marketing manager at OneSpin, he served at Huawei, leading formal verification for ARM CPU and consumer SoCs.
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