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Autonomous Vehicles Verification – A Perspective

Conference: Verification Futures 2019 (click here to see full programme)
Speaker: Yoav Hollander, Foretellix Ltd
Presentation Title: Autonomous Vehicles Verification – A Perspective
Abstract: One factor making Autonomous Vehicles verification different from, say, electronic systems verification is that AVs are a complex mix of SW, HW, ML-based modules, mechanics and so on. Another is that the pass-fail criteria is much less well-defined.

This presentation will discuss AV verification from the point of view of somebody coming from VLSI / SoC verification, and discuss the challenges related to methodology, technology and mindset.

Speaker Bio: Yoav is a world expert and leader in verification. He Invented the “e” verification language and related VLSI verification methodology (later followed by the UVM methodology).

In the last few years, Yoav has been researching complex-system verification. He founded Foretellix, and maintains a blog at

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